Three places around Pleasanton to visit for holiday lights and decorations


Paola Reynaga

The entrance to Widmer World welcomes visitors with brightly-lit sign.

Paola Reynaga, Staff Writer

As the holiday season arrives in Pleasanton, the community is getting into the Christmas spirit. People have finally started to decorate their houses with beautiful Christmas lights.

Deacon Dave

“There are two crews that do the decorating. One crew does all the lights in the trees and they start the first of October and work until November primarily on week evenings. Then there’s a group of us that do the rest of the display and we start Labor Day weekend and work every Saturday. It takes about 27 people,” said crew member Neil Donat.

Some people, such as Deacon Dave, started decorating months ago. During the pandemic in 2020, all houses were forced to close that year for their annual Christmas light displays. Fortunately, this year they were able to open up while safely following the COVID-19 guidelines.

“This is Deacon’s 38th display and he’s had 38 unique displays. He considers it to be his gift to the Livermore community and the communities around,” said Donat.

Deacon Dave creates a new theme every year. This year’s theme is America Celebrates Our Heroes. Visit Deacon Dave’s dazing lights at 352 Hillcrest Ave, Livermore, CA on Sundays through Thursdays from 6 to 9 pm and Fridays and Saturdays from 6-10 pm until Jan 1st.

“Deacon and all of us on the crew wish everybody a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We thank everyone for coming to see our holiday display,” said Donat.

Widmer World

Widmer World is another house full of Christmas spirit located at 3671 Chelsea Ct, Pleasanton. They are open daily from 6-9pm until Dec 31st. The Widmer family spent three months and two weeks decorating for the public spectacle.

“None of the people here are workers. Everyone helping out is a family member. There’s about 7-8 of us. We do all the decorating, ” said Bob Widmer.

Bob Widmer and his family brought back their huge Christmas atmosphere in their back and front yard for the 20th year after shutting down last year from the pandemic.

“We like to invite the people of Pleasanton and the surrounding areas to come and see. I think we have a very good production and I think it would make people happy to come and see it before Christmas,” said Bob Widmer.

Candy Cane Lane

Lights and decorations flood Pleasanton’s Walnut Drive, better known as Candy Cane Lane. Watch this AVtv segment for more on Candy Cane Lane.