Job fair open in Stoneridge Mall from 9/16 – 9/17


Sara Kracke

Over 25 stores are currently hiring at the mall in hopes to recruit new members and give opportunities to the unemployed.

Sara Kracke, Photo Editor

The Stoneridge Mall is offering a Job Fair event from Sept 16 to 17, where stores hope to provide employment opportunities.

“Money is the number one [benefit], but you also have security. That’s what’s most important for you and your family or loved ones or even just for yourself [so] you are able to take care of yourself physically and mentally,” said Rachel, a worker at Victoria’s Secret.

From retail to food services, some of the companies seeking new employees include American Eagle, California Pizza Kitchen, Gamestop, Vans, Victoria’s Secret, ZARA, and many more.

“[At a booth] we are able to connect with you, sometimes do on-the-spot interviews, and hopefully get the process along further so you are able to start working faster than later. This is our time to be dedicated to those actively looking for a job,” said Rachel.

With a job, students not only get money to support themselves but also learn how to socialize in a professional environment in preparation for their future.

“It is important that students get jobs because jobs allow students to learn important life skills that can be vital for the future. They also help with our problem-solving skills and it’s good preparation for living on your own and earning your own money,” said Leila Brown (‘22).

The job fair will be open one more day on the 17th from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. There’s still time to grab a job and start making some coin!