A’s player Ramon Laureano suspended for use of steroids


Imogen Rogers

Nandrolone is a performance-enhancing steroid that builds muscle and strength in its users. It’s also highly illegal in professional sports.

Zaynah Shah, Page Editor

On August 6, A’s center fielder, Ramon Laureano received positive results for the performance enhancing substance, nandrolone. He was immediately suspended for 80 games, hurting the Athletics playoff chances. 

“That’s not the first time that an A’s player has been recently banned in that regard for performance enhancing drugs at an inopportune time. They had that about a couple of years ago with a really good pitcher that we had, Frankie Montas. He missed the rest of the year,” said Social Studies teacher, Mark Kushner, a lifelong supporter of the A’s.

When considering the number of games Laureano’s suspension takes from him, it eliminates about half of the 162 games in the regular MLB season. 

“I think it should probably be a full season. Just a little more than 80 games. Just because cheating doesn’t really belong in the sport of baseball,” said Brody Warner (‘23), a fan of the Los Angeles Angels. 

Warner also went on to mention that he would implement this same punishment if a player on the Angels, his favorite team, was caught taking an illegal PED. 

Oakland A’s fan Nicholas Noe (‘25) disagrees with Laureano’s choices and believes that this decision is a fair sentence for the player’s actions. 

“I’m not happy about him being suspended because he’s a really good baseball player, but him using steroids was his choice and he knew the consequences, so I don’t think it’s that bad of a consequence,” said Noe.

The A’s are currently being the fifth best team in the American League. The suspension of one of their main outfielders jeopardizes their chances at securing a wild card spot.

“I don’t think it will help them. One, I was not holding my breath that they were going to win the World Series, and this certainly doesn’t help their cause. [Laureano is] a solid center fielder, so it’s a bummer,” said Kushner.