Mr. Amador boys are here!


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The 2021 Mr. Amador boys are here! This is the fundraiser’s 16th annual pageant, and this year’s boys are top-tier.

Scott Garmon poses as Napoleon Dynamite. (Mr. Amador)

Scott Garmen is Mr. Napoleon Dynamite.

“I have always loved the movie and I found the humor really funny, so it was an easy choice when I picked it. My favorite part is probably the costume,” said Scott Garmen (‘23), adding that “hopefully [they] can all go to the house soon.” 


Nathan Clinton is Mr. Grease.

“When Lauren and Mia asked me, I was honored and excited as I heard about the program and its great cause,” said Nathan Clinton (‘23).

Unfortunately, the pandemic means that the Mr. Amador committee has had to resort to online meetings.

Sophomore Nate Clinton poses as one of the cast from the musical Grease. (Mr. Amador)

“It is a bummer that I haven’t been able to hang out or even meet with the boys and committee members, but I can tell that it is a fun and passionate group that I am excited to be a part of,’ said Clinton (‘23).

The group’s efforts mean something extra to him.

“Fundraising for the house is particularly important to me since I have a severely disabled brother, and my family had planned to use [the George Marks foundation] many years ago before the house closed temporarily due to lack of funding,” said Clinton (‘23).

Kai Burgermeister (’23) stands next to his car as the iconic Ferris Bueller. (Mr. Amador)

Kai Burgermeister is Mr. Ferris Bueller.

“I can really relate to [Ferris Bueller] and I think most high school students can as well, and that relatability makes the character really fun and allows me to get creative about what we do with it,” said Kai Burgermeister (‘22).

Creativity is a major aspect of playing characters that are already so well-known and established in modern pop culture.

“My experience has been amazing so far, the boys are great and the effort behind the scenes that the committee puts in is insanely impressive. There’s so much that goes into it that you never think about,” said Burgermeister (‘22). “Mr. Amador Show is a male pageant, but it’s really so much more than that, especially this year. It’s a really great cause, and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it,” said Burgermeister.


Thomas Lin is Mr. James Bond.

Senior Thomas Lin stands, dressed as the iconic spy James Bond. (Mr. Amador)

“When I got an email from Mrs. Conde for a student meeting, I honestly thought I was in trouble,” said Thomas Lin (‘21). Luckily, “trouble” turned out to be a success.

“The experience has been pretty fun because I get to meet some people I’ve never really seen before, even if it’s over Zoom and I’m having fun while supporting a good cause… I like taking on the persona [of James Bond] because he’s pretty swag and his suits are pretty cool,” said Lin (‘21).

Junior Hayden Roberts shows off his smile in Indiana Jones’ famous attire. (Mr. Amador)

Hayden Roberts is Mr. Indiana Jones.

“It was a big surprise when they chose me. My experience so far has been great. We have learned so much about the house and I’m having a lot of fun with all the guys,” said Hayden Roberts (‘22).

Each of their characters mean different things to each boy.

“My favorite part about being Mr. Indiana Jones was being able to be one of my favorite childhood movie stars,” said Roberts (‘22).

Sai Birla is Mr. Montana.

Sai Birla rocks a blonde hairdo as Hannah Montana. (Mr. Amador)

“When I got selected I actually was really surprised, [but] so far it has been really fun… My favorite part about being Mr. Montana is just that I can goof around and do whatever while playing her. We have the privilege to exercise our creativity and imagination to help raise money and support the George Marks Children’s House… and spend my free time helping the children at the house,” said Sai Birla (‘21).


Senior Will Sadler embodies the red-headed protagonist of “Ratatouille”. (Mr. Amador)

Will Sadler is Mr. Ratatouille.

“I was excited to be selected as part of the program. I was in my friend’s performance a few years ago and since hoped to be selected,” said Will Sadler (‘21).

Sadler’s hopes and excitement have paid off.

“I have loved getting to know the other people in Mr. Amador as well as getting to meet some of the people who work and have kids at the George Marks Children’s House,” said Sadler.


Will Swain is Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

“I was a little surprised I got selected and even more surprised the school approved of me (laughter). I was just excited to have some fun for such a great cause,” said Will Swain (‘21).

“It has been a lot of fun so far, but I’m more excited for the future as we’ve got some great projects lined up and a lot of ways to raise money for the House,” said Swain (’21).

Will Swain vrooms around on his Segway with his character of Paul Blart, famous mall cop. (Mr. Amador)

Mr. Amador provides a unique experience for every member.

“So far, my favorite part has definitely been filming my intro video. Zooming around the mall on my ‘segway’ and talking to employees and customers in character as Paul Blart was one of the funnest things I’ve ever done,” said Swain (’21).

Faiz Lodhi (’22) is straight outta the Cars movie with his rockin’ costume. (Mr. Amador)

Faiz Lodhi is Mr. Cars.

“I was really surprised that I was picked because I didn’t really know it was happening and I didn’t really know what it was,” said Faiz Lodhi (‘22).

He has since figured it out, and for the better.

“My experience has been a lot of fun since it’s really cool to meet some new people and do fun things. My favorite part of taking on the character is that I am the embodiment of SPEED,” said Lodhi.


Mia Hildebrand and Lauren Sowers are the program directors for 2020-21.

“It’s been great to meet and get to know each other, and each boy brings such a fun and unique aspect to the program. Given our global circumstances, our year is unlike any in the past, but the boys continue to work hard to help stay connected with us, and we couldn’t be more grateful to work with them!” said Mia Hildebrand (‘21) and Lauren Sowers (‘21).

The cast and crew are both confronting unique challenges, as well as unique themselves.

Nathan Fitch sports a mustache as Anchorman. (Mr. Amador)

“We are lucky to be working with some of the most enthusiastic personalities the program has seen,” said Hildebrand and Sowers.


Nathan Fitch is Mr. Anchorman.

“I was super excited to be selected for Mr. Amador and I did not expect it at all. I thought I was in trouble or messed up my college applications but it turns out I was selected for Mr. Amador,” said Nathan Fitch (’21).

Luckily, no one was in trouble and no one had messed up. In fact, things at Mr. Amador seem to be running smoothly.

“Mr. Amador has been a lot of fun and Lauren and Mia put a lot of effort into the show to make it easy on us. There are so many helpful people behind the scenes that I can’t wait to see how the future projects will turn out,” said Fitch (’21).

The program and its boys continue to embrace the little things.

“My favorite part of the character is the mustache,” said Finch.

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