A New Way to Shoot

A New Way to Shoot

Haley LaHa, Page Editor

August 30, 2017

    New photography teacher, Mrs. Fisher, has put a spin on the art science of taking photos. For the first two weeks of school, she has instructed her students not just how to use a camera, but how to make one.     With the help of a template, students were given pieces of cardboard, a box cut...

SENIORS: What you should be doing

SENIORS: What you should be doing

Cathrine Lilja, Editor-in-Chief

August 30, 2017

   Seniors have already begun to feel the looming stress of the future coming up behind them. For those who have not begun to think about applying to colleges, now would be the time to begin work.    A priority, coming back into school, is asking about recommendation letters. Amador teach...

A Year to Look Forward to: Class of 2018

A Year to Look Forward to: Class of 2018

Caroline Recupero, Staff Writer

August 30, 2017

  The beginning of the final year of high school brings mixed emotions from feeling some kind of sentiment or sadness to excitement and glee. Spending the last year with friends and loved ones is important for most. The class of 2018 has a lot to look forward to this year from their last Aloha and ...

Seniors: Where are they headed?

Samara Ayoob-Ahmad, Staff Writer

May 3, 2017

In a month, the class of 2017 will be leaving Amador and going to pursue their dreams, whether that means going to college, going abroad, or taking on a job. We interviewed some seniors at Amador to see what they plan on doing after graduating. Juliet Allen Place: Columbia University Major: Biology or Biochemistry ...

Interfaith Club Spotlight

Emily Twisselman and Cole Torquemada

April 26, 2017

  Every second Wednesday of the month, members of Tri-valley interfaith interconnect meet at different places of worship in Livermore and Pleasanton. Amador Valley has an interfaith club of it’s own that meets in the Library on Tuesdays every 2 weeks. We spoke with the club founder Alisha Sh...

AV Filmmaker makes documentary on refugees

AV Filmmaker makes documentary on refugees

Sanika Samel, Staff Writer

March 24, 2017

The recent presidential election has put a spotlight on the issue of immigration. Many protests have been held with the common catchphrase “Immigrants welcome”, or “Refugees welcome”.      Many individuals and organizations have fought for the rights of immigrants, in hopes that people will re...

AV Profiles: Nicole Zhang

Samara Ayoob-Ahmad, Staff Wruter

March 10, 2017

   Everyone at Amador has something they should feel accomplished for. As Dons, we strive to be good volunteers, leaders, scholars, and athletes. For Nicole Zhang, a junior here at Amador, all four of these components have been exceeded in great measures. This year, Zhang did what many students woul...

Double the Talent

Samara Ayood-Ahmad, Staff Writer

December 12, 2016

  Talent is through the roof at our school, ranging from academics to the arts. For siblings Jovan and Madison Perez, the art of music comes naturally. Amador Valley Junior, Jovan Perez, started singing at the age of nine. He had not taken any singing lessons as a child until this year at Val...

From Paraguay with Love

Esha Chawla, Staff Writer

December 8, 2016

   Rather than sitting around the table for a big Thanksgiving meal, seven girls from Pleasanton, four from Amador, went to Paraguay to run a week-long soccer camp for girls. In Paraguay, girls are not given as many opportunities as boys, and Samara Ayoob-Ahmad, Abby Fried, Hannah Gossett, and Mich...

“Namaste” to mindfulness at Amador

“Namaste” to mindfulness at Amador

Bliss Bergmark, Staff Writer

October 14, 2016

   Downward dog, cult-like chants, and deep breathing are what most people think meditation solely involves. However, true meditation is more about devoting oneself to mindfulness, and less about taking part in the exotic stereotypes.    Recently, Amador has begun to take part in the mindfulnes...

AV Club Profiles

Sophie Galley, AVtv Editor in Chief

June 6, 2016

Amador Valley’s clubs have given the school a colorful variety of outlets for students to express themselves in various ways, relieve the stresses of school life, and make new friends and memories. Every summer’s end, clubs gather at the registration walk-through to display the diverse options to...

Former AV student reflects on life after high school

Former AV student reflects on life after high school

Wayne Chen, Staff Writer

June 3, 2016

In June 2000, 18-year-old Jason Hsien wrapped up his four-year journey at Amador Valley High School and was ready to depart for UC Davis, where he would spend the next four years of his life, and would eventually be hired as a regional auditor by a large multinational corporation. As of 2016, he...

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