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The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


Aarushi Rajesh (’25) shares her art to an Instagram account of over 1000 followers

Alyssa Wu
Aarushi Rajesh (’24) showcases her artistic talent through the rendition of herself in a semi-realistic style.

Driven by her passion for art, Aarushi Rajesh (‘25) started an Instagram art account to share her artwork, not expecting it to gain traction quickly. Now, the account has over 1,000 followers.

“I created my art account in January 2022 but didn’t start uploading content consistently until June 2023. Originally, I created my art account for fun without expecting much out of it. But as my audience grew, I invested more time into my artwork,” said Rajesh.

On her account, Rajesh explores a variety of styles and content. She enjoys posting long-term art projects that span months, quick sketches, and fun internet challenges that show off her art in a new way. 

“I started drawing when I was little. Since then, I [developed] an interest in drawing anime-like characters. Eventually, I fell in love with the semi-realistic art style. I practiced drawing realistic drawings and [then] combined the two art styles,” said Rajesh.

While she does not like to stick to just one genre of art, Rajesh often draws fanart of video game characters or original character designs.

“Usually, my most popular posts and videos are some characters from a video game or TV show. I learned that people often like seeing characters that they are familiar with, so I started creating more characters that my audience and friends could relate to,” said Rajesh.

With this newfound audience, Rajesh is constantly creating new bonds with different kinds of people. 

“Gaining followers outside of people I know allowed me to interact with other artists and gain a lot of mutuals. It also helps me find inspiration for new content through other people’s content and ideas,” said Rajesh.

Aside from sharing her art, some of Aarushi’s favorite content is following current TikTok trends and internet challenges

“My favorite part of having my account is looking for new art challenges. I think posting art by itself can make my account a little bland,” said Rajesh. “Adding funny reels, popular topics, and the occasional meme in [my] drawings allows my audience to connect with me.”

Long-time friend Gauri Bhatia (‘25) also notices Rajesh’s passion.

Rajesh transforms her fans’ dreams into reality, combining her unique ideas with her fans’ original characters.

“As a friend, I see how happy art makes her. She puts so much time and detail into every piece, and that’s what I love about it. She draws whatever she feels. That makes it unique and different from other art accounts,” said Bhatia.

Balancing school and an active art account can be difficult at times, but Rajesh’s passion for art pushes her through her most challenging times.

“It gets difficult to keep up with school at times, especially when there are tests, but I really enjoy art and keeping up with my account. I love finding new things to draw through recommendations from my audience, friends, and family. It’s really fun to see my friends and the audience’s reaction to my drawings,” said Rajesh.

To combat artist’s block, Rajesh constantly looks for inspiration from the environment around her and the media she consumes. 

“I find inspiration from other artists, Pinterest, and sometimes in the middle of watching TV shows. Inspiration can come from anywhere and at any time. Looking at a blank canvas and building up ideas along the way is usually the way I go,” said Rajesh. “When I run into an artist’s block, I usually try to take a break from art and stick to simpler sketches.”

Sharing ideas and talking them out with friends is also a great way to get inspired or motivated.

“Now and then, Aarushi asks me for inspiration for what she should draw next or just show me some of her new work. Every time she mentions her account, I can tell it is something that makes her really happy,” said Bhatia.


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