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Food Review: Boba Nation opens in Stoneridge Mall

Eva Carranza
The Strawberry Coconut Drink blends coconut and strawberry to gibe you a tropical and seasonal flavor while the chocolate Oreo Milkshake is rich, creamy, and sweet. 

Making its grand opening a few months ago, Boba Nation has quickly attracted several customers on account of its extensive menu. Located at the Stoneridge Mall, the shop serves a variety of tasty treats and cooling refreshments, making for a convenient pit stop after a long day of shopping. 

Location and Setting

Boba Nation occupies a corner spot on the second floor of the Stoneridge Mall, located between Forever21 and Bath and Body Works. Being at the corner next to busy shopping stores makes Boba Nation a suitable replenishment option. However, the space is rather small, and lines could stretch far on a busy day.

Boba Nation is one of the few places that offers such a wide variety of drink options, making it a strong competitor to other boba shops around Pleasanton. Some of the menu items are acai bowls, coffee, iced tea, sparkling drinks, milkshakes and fresh-squeezed juice. With the amount of items on the menu, it is apparent that Boba Nation really tries to please their customers by appealing to their different tastes. However, given that the Boba Nation spot is such a small space, the amount of drinks on the menu could be overwhelming, as there are over 100 drinks available. 

Boba Nation is a vibrant, electric store with pleasant colors, visuals, and flashy T.V. screens.  The staff is efficient and keeps the place pretty clean. The workers were also very kind and helpful, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Foods and Drinks

The Strawberry Coconut drink ($5.50) is a simple, refreshing milk tea that has a perfect mix of fruity flavors. The hints of coconut in the drink are excellent, and it is not too overpowering. The tapioca pearls are chewy and fresh, adding a nice texture to cut the smooth tea. The overall drink was a little bit on the sweet side, so it would be great for those who have more of a sugary palette. However, the regular drink size was a bit smaller compared to other boba shops around the town. 

Steamed baos are a popular delicacy all around Asia, and the Teriyaki Chicken Steamed Bao ($3.50) does not disappoint. The sweet bao dough is tender and the teriyaki filling is super tasty. Although, it does not compare to true authentic baos because it does not appear to be freshly made or hand-crafted. But either way, the flavors are delicious and satisfying. Boba Nation has other types of bao buns such as the Jalapeno Beef Steamed Bao and Cheeseburger Steamed Bao, displaying their efforts to incorporate an American-style twist on the common Asian snack. 

The Chocolate Oreo Milkshake ($6.95) is everything a milkshake should be. It is rich, velvety, and has the perfect taste of Oreo and ice cream. Other than the generous amount of Oreo crumbles in the milkshake, the drink is pretty standard. Again, the drink is quite sweet, so it is definitely geared towards those who prefer sugary drinks. 


All in all, Boba Nation is an excellent option for refreshments and quick snacks. Its wide variety of drinks and foods are pretty affordable. The quality is great and the store is upbeat and has a friendly atmosphere. Given its convenient location, it is likely that Boba Nation will attract many customers for years to come.

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  • Boba Nation, a Boba Shop that opened this year, offers a wide variety of drinks that customers can enjoy while they shop.

  • Boba Nation is located on the second level of the Stoneridge Mall, next to Bath and Body Works.

  • Boba nation offers a wide variety of different drinks from boba to OREO drinks, Skttles Slush, or even a Reese’ Shake.

  • Boba Nation has macaroons that range from strawberry to caramel.

  • Boba Nation’s menu consists of not only Boba but coffee, acai bowls, iced tea, frappes, matcha drinks, milkshakes, bao buns, slushies, smoothies, and sparkling drinks.

  • The Strawberry Cocunut drink and the Teriyaki Bao Bun are available for customers who want something sweet and savory.

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