Aarav Goswami (‘24) and Darsh Shah (‘24) create Rising C-Suites to inspire future leaders in business


Zenil Koovejee

Meet the dynamic duo behind Rising C-Suites, Aarav Goswami (’24) and Darsh Shah (’24), who are revolutionizing the youth entrepreneurial landscape and inspiring the next generation of business leaders.

In their sophomore year of high school, Aarav Goswami (‘24) and Darsh Shah (‘24) both initiated their own businesses: Mi Casa Es Su Casa and Young Champions Academy.

As young entrepreneurs imbued with an aspiration to thrive in the business world, they searched for guidance and inspiration from professionals in the industry and unearthed a profound and common problem. 

“Mi Casa Es Su Casa was a home decor and e-commerce store where I sold furniture and home-improvement products. I had this common issue starting out in the business world. I did not have the resources, support, and ability to grow my business in the manner and speed in which I wanted to,” said Goswami

Recognizing this significant gap in the youth entrepreneurial landscape, Shah and Goswami decided to join hands and become the driving force behind the establishment and emergence of Rising C-Suites: the East Bay’s first youth-led business incubator for rising youth entrepreneurs.

“I created Rising C-Suites to help young entrepreneurs chase their passions and to offer them with insight from a team of skilled individuals that I have met through years in the business world,” said Goswami

Behind the founders’ desk

Both known for their innate entrepreneurial makeup, Shah and Goswami have acquired extensive experience in the field of business: from attending the highly-selective Berkeley Business Academy of Youth Summer program (BBAY) to achieving competitive success within California DECA

“My overall passion for business has truly inspired the vision behind Rising C-Suites. I attended the BBAY program and this experience helped me foster my passion and dedication to business. This is my true calling,” said Goswami.

In addition, Shah is composing his own book “The World Of Possibilities.” Being an all-encompassing guide to entrepreneurship for teens, Shah hopes to showcase his debut book at the Rising C-Suites Hack-a-thon occurring at the beginning of this summer.

“I took my experiences as a business owner and decided to write a meaningful book for students here in the Bay Area and around the world. I think my book is going to be a game-changer for youth entrepreneurship,” said Shah

In addition to Shah and Goswami, other vital team members of the Rising C-Suites organization include, but are not limited to Arjun Premnath, Angad Bhargav, Harrison Engel, and Daniel Krazer.

“Working with everyone on the team and seeing their stories has truly inspired me to keep going every single day and put in the work. With a great team, you can truly find a solution to any problem. We use failure as an opportunity to do better,” said Goswami

A life-changing opportunity

At a 2-day critical thinking competition organized by Rising C-Suites, students will have the opportunity to explore the Berkeley Haas campus with a cohort of passionate entrepreneurs, attend lectures from Berkeley professors, and interact with Haas alumni

“I am extremely excited to engage with professors and interact with other business-oriented students. Also, I am really curious as to what business scenario we are going to have to respond to during the hackathon,” said Rising C-Suites Hackathon Applicant Agash Morekonda (‘24).

Hackathon winners have the opportunity to acquire scholarships to esteemed programs (like BBAY), seed funding, and complimentary consultation services. These are provided by Rising C-Suites to help students kickstart their entrepreneurial journey.

“The hackathon is an opportunity for students to receive a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Anybody can apply – whether they are a STEM major or a business major. It is all about innovation and building critical thinking skills amongst a group of driven and like-minded individuals from around the country,” said Shah.  

Behind the message

Goswami and Shah’s efforts are symbolic of how a creative idea can allow anyone to make a difference, uplift their community, and achieve their dreams. Rising C-Suites is living proof. 

“The Rising C-Suites Hackathon has the potential to be the largest youth-led business competition ever,” said Savon Bardell, Program Manager of Berkeley Haas Academic Year.

To learn more, visit www.hack.risingcities.com. Applications will be due on May 15 and participants will be accepted on a rolling basis.