Spring sports: how athletes are managing time between games and APs


Emerson Muise

Students have to find time in between practices to study for multiple tests

Emerson Muise, ATC Editor

Late April is the time of year when AP testing is in full swing. Alongside AP testing, Spring Sports are deep into their seasons, with EBAL’s quickly approaching. This unfortunate timing can cause an extreme amount of stress for student-athletes.

“I think that the most important thing is to find a good balance between school and sports, and knowing when it’s important to prioritize one over the other,” said Softball player, Sasha Gorrepati (‘24). 

They’re 19 AP classes at Amador, with an AP offered in every department. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors have the opportunity to take these classes over their high school career.  

“I am currently taking AP Calculus BC, AP French, AP Chemistry, AP Language, and AP Music Theory. AP Calc is definitely my hardest class,” said Gorrepati. 

According to Collegiate Parent, the average student spends about 4-5 hours on homework each week. This does not include extracurricular activities and time for studying during AP testing. 

“As a student-athlete, I am very motivated to get my work done. Most of the time I like to plan beforehand and get all my homework done. If I know I have a swim meet, I’ll make sure to do it before the meet,” said Swimmer,  Michelle Li (‘24). 

Coaches can also play a big role in student success both on and off the field, with the understanding and support of the kids they coach. Stress comes in all sorts of forms and the timing that AP testing has with Spring Sports can be an added stressor. 

“Coaches have to understand that there are going to be times when their athletes have to miss practices if they have a big test to finish or study for. As teachers, we know that they are going to be missing a lot. Because of this, there has to be flexibility and communication on both sides so the student does not fall behind,” said AP Calculus Teacher, Michael DiPaola. 

Being a student-athlete has perks and downsides, but it is most definitely possible to do both. Time management is a key aspect to success, as well as finding the motivation to exceed in both activities. 

“With sports and AP testing, I make sure to manage my time wisely and block out times to do certain things. This way I can be as efficient as I can with my time,” said Swimmer, Tanishka Tambe (‘25).