Club Profile: LEAD Club


Provided by LEAD club, edited by Tejasvini Ramesh and Varsha Harnoor

The AV LEAD Club helps seniors get service hours while giving back to the community through drives, fundraising, and events.

The LEAD club which stands for Learn, Educate, Advocate, and Empower, aims to raise awareness for many issues around the world, through various presentations, volunteering events, and guest speakers. LEAD club addresses local and global issues affecting our world by educating members, and making the community a better place. 

“We had an entire month dedicated to educating members about sustainable living. For zero waste month, we had presentations on how to go zero waste and how to make your own toothpaste from home. We educated our club members about some of the ways you can use less waste in your life whether it’s using metal straws over plastic straws or buying from refillable stores,” said Zoe Wagner (‘24). 

Many of the topics LEAD club tackles include poverty, mental health, sustainability, and women’s rights. For each of these issues, LEAD conducts activities for their members, in order to have a more hands-on experience in doing their part. 

“We had a volunteer event where we went and sorted baby clothes and also just helped that organization with [what] they needed. So we just have different topics and this topic was more about poverty. I know these young mothers wouldn’t be able to afford this care so we just wanted to be able to help out,” said Anvi Bejjanki (‘23). 

Increasing opportunities

This year, the club has a new officer team and advisor from last year. Despite these changes, the club’s mission of connecting students with the outside world has not changed from previous years. 

“Last year we had the opportunity to work with the previous officers, and we just had the chance to still have structure. The transition wasn’t that bad just because we kind of already knew what we were doing so we weren’t really lost,” said Bejjanki. 

In addition to serving the community, LEAD club also helps seniors fulfill their service hours graduation requirement. LEAD club was created in order to provide these easy opportunities for students to volunteer in the community, all while raising awareness for issues that affect society. 

“I think [LEAD] is important because it provides senior service hours opportunities and that is a requirement to graduate here, so it provides those students with those opportunities and it allows for connections between the students and the community,” said Wagner (‘24).

Giving back

Recently, the club started a fundraiser for Little Miracles, a local shelter, to raise money for newborn babies’ products. The club set up a drive here at Amador and helped sort clothes at the Little Miracles location. 

“Specifically we have a drive going on with Little Miracles where we are collecting baby funds and connecting less wealthy members of the community with students here and just educating students that there is a world outside Amador,” said Wagner. 

For members, being a part of LEAD provides them with the opportunity to try something new. This experience allows them to interact with the community in ways they may not have been able to before and learn life-long lessons. 

[I’ve gained] a different perspective on different types of lifestyles. I feel like I live a very privileged life, being in Pleasanton. I want to be able to help out people and do things, where the only thing I gain is happiness and being proud of myself,” said Sruthi Kumar (‘24). 

For more information about LEAD club and how to sign up, students can email [email protected] or drop by L-4 at lunch during their bi-weekly Tuesday meetings.