A recap of the 2023 Oscars: Which movies dominated?


Luke Rathjen

Many Oscar winning movies can be streamed on Roku.

Luke Rathjen, Staff Writer

The 2023 Academy awards aired on March 12th, and certain movies dominated the awards.

The most impressive performance of the night was the sci-fi adventure Everything Everywhere All At Once, scoring seven Oscars in different categories, the most awards of all the movies that night. The movie won Best Directing, three fourths of the acting categories, and Best Picture. 

“Everything Everywhere All at Once was the easy favorite to win the most Oscars with eleven nominations. It was such an unorthodox movie with fantastic performances from Jamie Lee Curtis and Michelle Yeoh specifically,” said Film School Student Ryan Sugden (‘22).

Michelle Yeoh was the first Asian born woman actress to win Best Actress in academy history, and the movie RRR with its signature song Naatu Naatu brought home the Oscar for Best Song and was the first Indian film to ever receive the Best Original Song. 

“The performance of Naatu Naatu was spectacular and to then see them bring home the award was awesome. It was really exciting to see them win,” said Nishant Doss.

All Quiet on the Western Front was another movie with a notable performance at the 95th Oscars, and they took home four awards out of nine nominations in production design, original score, international feature film, and cinematography.

“ I thought All Quiet on the Western Front was sort of overrated, and I think that original score was robbed from Babylon. The movie wasn’t bad by any means, but it felt like it had been done before, and I felt like it had been done better before. I still can’t believe that Babylon was robbed because that was such an amazing score,” said Riley Borges (‘24).

The Oscars have been known in the past to have moments to stir up drama, online and in person. It is custom at the Academy to clap and cheer, no matter a win or a loss. Many noticed that veteran actress Angela Bassett seemed quite distraught and unhappy when Jamie Lee Curtis took home the Oscar. Many took this as a sign of disrespect from Bassett towards Curtis.

“I didn’t think it was unacceptable because she should be upset. She was up for an award that would define her career, and she didn’t win. I get that people often put on a fake happy face, but it’s a tough pill to swallow,” said Doss.

The 95th Academy Awards was a historic and significant night for the film industry as it was a night of many firsts for the Academy Awards.