Star athlete Sydney Head (’24) commits to Oregon State as a junior


Emerson Muise

Sydney Head announces her verbal commitment to play Division 1 soccer at Oregon State.

Emma Vollgraf, Staff Writer

Amador Valley goalkeeper, Sydney Head (‘24) announced her verbal commitment to further her education and athletic career at Oregon State. Sydney has been a part of Amador’s Varsity Soccer since her freshman year but has been playing soccer ever since she could remember. 

“I’ve been playing at Pleasanton Rage on the ECNL team since rec, so I’ve basically been there for I want to say 12 years of my life — they’re definitely some of the best 12 years I’ve ever had. I grew up in really competitive and intense environments, so by the time I stepped onto the field and by the time I really had to play the game and show off, I was ready. I think that I really give a lot of credit to Pleasanton Rage because it taught me how to play with intensity and it taught me to really love the game more,” said Head.

Growing up, Sydney was heavily influenced by her older brother who also played soccer at high levels and eventually went on to play in college. She looks up to him and he is and has been one of her biggest supporters.

“My brother definitely inspires me the most. He really pushed me to be a better person and a better athlete since I was little. I think the reason why I can hit a ball in the air right is because of him. The reason I play soccer is because of him. And there are little things in my life that he’s really influenced,” said Head.  

Sydney is known to be a very determined and focused player anytime she is on the field. Her teammates and coaches recognize her drive and passion for the sport. 

“Sydney shows her work ethic by the mentality she has every time she steps on the field. She’s locked in and focused on improving and getting better at any opportunity. She has a relentless pursuit to improve herself on and off the field. She’s very self-aware of her strengths and weaknesses and is laser-focused on improving all areas of her game,” said Amador and Pleasanton Rage coach, Jimmy Adranly

Although Sydney is currently a junior, she has been involved in the recruiting process since as early as middle school. From talking to coaches, and playing at schools, she had spent a lot of time looking for the right decision. 

“The recruiting process was definitely really tough, it was really long. I started in eighth grade making my list, emailing all the schools, and playing in front of coaches, so it’s definitely been like a four-year-long process in total. And I think that at the end of it, I found the right school for me and that was Oregon State,” said Head.

Whether it’s high school season or club soccer, Sydney is willing to put in all of the work and move closer and closer to her dreams. Her teammates notice how she gives it to her all anytime she plays, and puts her passion into the game. 

“Sydney is different from other teammates because she’s always striving to do her best and achieve her goals. Knowing her both in club soccer and high and high school soccer. She’s very dedicated to what she wants to achieve and that’s playing in college” said teammate Sydney Stimson (‘24). 

Having ultimately decided to verbally commit to Oregon State, Sydney looks forward to the opportunity to show her dedication and love for the sport she has always known. 

“I think that from the first call with the goalkeeper, I love the way she talked about the game and as I continued the process with them I visited, I met all the girls that have committed there, I met the team, and I realized wow this is the place I want to be and this is the environment I want to be in,” said Head.