Titanic Releases in theaters for 25th anniversary with new special effects


Eva Carranza

After 25 years, Jack and Rose returned to the big screen.

Eva Carranza and Julia Evans

On February 8th, 2023, Titanic came back to theaters 25 years after its release in December, 1997. Since then, the movie has been named the third highest-grossing film ever made. People of many age groups attended the film screening. The rerelease of the film has made 22.3 million dollars. 

“I watched the movie to experience nostalgia. I really do enjoy James Cameron’s films, and I remembered Titanic being so great,” said Liane Ghazanfar (‘25).

The film came out in 3D and 4DX and renewed the movie by making it an advanced experience. Compared to the 1997 release, this allowed fans and newcomers to view the movie in a completely different way.

“I watched it in 4DX with my friends, and it was so fun. Normally, I didn’t really notice the emotion and message the movie was getting across, but after rewatching it in 4D, I really felt that it was a whole different experience.I felt like I really was there with Rose and Jack on the Titanic,” said Ghazanfar. 

4Dx greatly differs from the usual 2D movie. It includes 3D visuals, seat movement, and water and wind effects. These effects are added to create the illusion that the audience is in the scene along with the characters. For example, when Jack first docks the ship, the audience can feel the wind, the spray of water, and the rocking of the ship. The effects are added to create the illusion of being in the scene along with the characters. 

 “I really really enjoyed watching it in 4D way better than 2D because it was a fun experience with my friends. I felt really emotional after the movie because the ending was so upsetting even though I watched it already. It was sort of a feeling I hadn’t felt about the movie and it really was touching,” said Ghazanfar.

The movie used to be on Netflix before it was taken off in August of 2022. But now people born in the 2000’s can watch the movie in the theaters for the first time.

“So the first time I watched the movie was when it was on Netflix and I thought that it was a really good movie. I really enjoyed it but after watching it at the movie theaters in 4D, I think that it was way better and it was a very cool experience because I felt like I was actually in the movie. Like all of the emotions a person feels when they watch a [original] movie heightened in 4D, and I just thought that it was a really cool experience overall,” said Carolyn Carranza (‘23).