Varsity Girls Basketball Senior Night Recap


Varsha Harnoor

Seniors Anabel Lowe, Emma Baer, Jimena Islas, Avianna Easterday, and Anvi Bejjanki celebrating senior night with teammates and family.

On January 31st, the Varsity Amador Girls Basketball team celebrated their seniors during Senior Night, before playing their last home game of the season, against Granada High School. From decorating the gym to planning speeches, a lot of effort went into organizing the night. 

“There are hours [ahead] of the event but we were here for an hour [working] with [other parents] for the organization for today’s event,” said Sarah Baer, girls’ basketball team parent and manager. 

The seniors celebrated alongside each other while their friends and families took pictures with them. From watching the event in previous years, to finally being a part of it this year, the seniors celebrated the journey of their high school basketball experience.

“[We came] onto the court and said our favorite memory on the team in the past four years. Then [our coach] said something about each [of us] and we all took a picture under the balloon arch,” said Anabel Lowe (‘23), Girls Varsity basketball team captain.

Prior to the event, during the school day, varsity freshmen, sophomores, and juniors wore handmade senior shirts to honor and celebrate the seniors on the team.

“We make [the] t-shirts in order to show our love specifically for [the seniors]…we [took] our time and [put in] effort into making those t-shirts instead of printing them out or getting them bought,” said Anika Kaushik (‘25), varsity team player.

Alongside honoring the seniors, the ceremony highlighted the team’s closeness as non-senior team members of the varsity and junior varsity were present to show their support and appreciation. 

“My favorite part about attending senior night was the ceremony that they did when they called everyone’s names and they walked down the aisle…it was extremely emotional [and] special… they felt recognized and honored in front of all of those people,” said Kaushik. 

The five seniors have been a part of Amador’s basketball program since their freshmen year. The purpose of their Senior night was to celebrate their hard work, commitment, and dedication from their time in the program.

“Senior night [was] a great opportunity to honor the seniors that have poured countless hours into the basketball program and recognize their efforts and commend them,” said Baer. 

After sharing their most memorable moments on the team, the seniors recalled their experiences playing the sport for a long time. Some of them played basketball even before their high school career and have created long-lasting bonds with teammates. 

“I think [senior night] was bittersweet because I’ve spent not just high school but a middle school with these teammates…we grew as a team and created these bonds that we [will] keep. It shows how much we’ve grown together throughout the season” said Anvi Bejjanki (‘23), varsity senior.

To end the night, Amador’s choir performed the Star Spangled Banner. This was the choir’s second performance at an Amador Valley sporting event. 

“I feel like we felt really good after [performing] and it was all good vibes all around,” said choir member Shravani Kurapati (‘26).