Freshman varsity football players share their experiences, expectations for new season


Photo provided by Anthony Harrington

Student athlete Anthony Harrington is excited to get back on the field for the varsity team next season.

Dante Solari, Staff Writer

With a lack of active players due to injuries, Amador Valley’s football team promoted freshmen players Jackson Visconti (‘26) and Anthony Harrington (‘26) to varsity this fall. They both rose to the occasion and gained valuable experience from the season, now eagerly awaiting the upcoming 2023-24 season.

On varsity, Visconti assumed he would act as a backup to an upperclassman player, but ended up in the starting role as soon as he attended practice.

“When I got pulled up, I kind of felt like my role was to just stand around and play if anything went wrong. But immediately I was told to play and be starting (at quarterback),” said Visconti.

He immediately stepped up to his role, getting tackles and giving the team good field positions with his extended kick returns, despite being one of the youngest and most inexperienced players on the team.

“The experience was very cool and super fun. I got to meet so many new people and I got to learn a lot more things that I would have never learned playing on the freshman (team),” said Visconti.

For the two freshmen, playing on varsity made for a great learning and social experience. They had the opportunity to learn more at a higher level and fostered strong relationships with future teammates and coaches.

“I am returning to varsity my sophomore year and I am much more prepared and experienced with what I can expect and the things to look forward to,” said Harrington.

Both Visconti and Harrington plan to return to varsity next year after their performances this season. The experience playing on varsity football in their first year of high school greatly prepared them for their returning season to the program.

“My expectation for next season is to win games, play hard, be a leader, and help people who need it and hopefully start,” said Harrington.

As a returning varsity player, Harrington expects himself to step up as a leader and help new varsity players learn the playbook and adapt to the environment. He also hopes the team will work hard and win more games, especially coming off of a playoff season.

“I expect the team to give their all on and off the field in an attempt to make another run to the playoffs. I am excited to see how we perform with new players filling roles from graduating seniors,” said Visconti.