Inconsistencies in NFL officiating and suspensions: what Amador students think

Penalties and suspensions have been a widely discussed topic in the NFL thus far.

Andrew Naylor

Penalties and suspensions have been a widely discussed topic in the NFL thus far.

Andrew Naylor, Staff Writer

Penalties in the NFL are used to keep players in check and ensure their safety. Currently, roughing-the-passer and pass interference calls have been getting a lot of attention, along with questionable suspensions handed out by the NFL. 

In week five, quarterbacks Derek Carr of the Raiders and Tom Brady of the Buccaneers were sacked and both resulted in roughing-the-passer calls. Experts had a multitude of reactions that were mostly negative. 

“I feel like most of these calls bail out quarterbacks for making bad decisions and punish defensive players for doing their job. Most of these tackles would be completely legal if it was on anybody but a quarterback,” said football player William Coultrip (‘23)

The impact of these calls can be game changing. Tom Brady was sacked on a game securing drive. The sack would’ve allowed the other team the chance to come back. Derek Carr was sacked and he fumbled the ball. When asked what Carr thought of the roughing of the passer call he said he, “didn’t know how that got called.” Players don’t really understand why some of these penalties are called.

“I do understand how they are trying to protect the QB, but there are way too many calls that get called that are unnecessary and soft. Changing the rules and making the restrictions more concrete would help,” said NFL fan Mikail Mirza (‘23)

Pass interference calls have been debated in the NFL for many years. An NFC Championship game between the Saints and Rams in 2019 was decided by a controversial call on a potential game-winning play, costing the Saints a trip to the Super Bowl. 

“It’s really frustrating as a fan to watch inconsistent calling. Even being a biased Buffalo Bills fan, I still do feel for the other team when they get poor calls that should not have been called. It slows down the game,” said Mirza

The inconsistencies are relevant when discussing suspensions in the NFL,  questioning whether these suspensions are correct or just a publicity stunt. Fans and analysts debate whether these suspensions are fair or not. 

“I don’t think each suspension is given out fairly because I think it matches up with what the NFL needs to do to look good in the public eye. I think the NFL could put rules for suspensions instead of just doing it based off their opinion,” said Raiders fan Ryan Schick (‘23)