Amador Valley High School football camp gets going


Joseph Chiu

Throughout the summer, players and coaches have been regularly attending training camp in preparation for the upcoming season.

Joseph Chiu, AVT Editor

In preparation for the upcoming 2022 football season, players and coaches have been attending a summer camp since the first week of summer. 

“We’ve been in the weight room every day doing strength training. When we come out to the practice field, we’ll condition. It’s typically like a normal practice day for us . . . and we like to create a competitive atmosphere,” said Varsity Head Coach Danny Jones.

Coaches have not undermined the importance of building an athletic body in the offseason because players naturally wear down deep into the season. Getting in shape has had just as much emphasis as skill development or game planning. 

“We got two new strength and conditioning coaches [and] they’ve been a huge help to the program so far. We’re a lot stronger, more athletic, we have better mobility, we’re going to have less injuries during the season, and that’s all thanks to [those] two guys,” said Quarterback Ryan Cannon (‘23).

There has been a high attendance throughout summer camp, with intensity expected to increase leading up to the start of the season, with players coming from three to eight every afternoon from Monday to Thursday. Despite player competition for certain positions, the team has continued to encourage one another and build team chemistry. 

“All the guys are getting together really pushing each other to our limits, [and] guys are getting a lot stronger. . . . We’ve been doing a lot more team bonding this year like going bowling, going to the beach, [and] having swim parties at each others’ houses,” said Linebacker Kevin Albright (‘23).

With each season comes the ups and downs that the team experiences. Players have been especially motivated at practice to meet expectations and allow seniors to finish off their high school football careers on a high note. 

“You always point towards the Foothill game [and] I think that’s always one of our main goals: to beat Foothill. We had a [3-year] streak going, and I think that it’s important to our players to get that back. I think that means a lot to them,” said Jones

The Dons will play their first game on August 26 at El Cerrito. View the Amador Valley Football Schedule for the 2022-23 season on Maxpreps and the EBAL Website, highlighted with the showdown against Foothill on September 23.