Digital Art students design Donversity posters


Sarah Yang

Students strive to incorporate the theme “uniquely unified” into their designs. 

Sarah Yang, Infographics Editor-in-Chief

For the upcoming Donversity event, digital art students designed posters incorporating the idea of diversity while representing our school. Many of the posters will decorate the school during Donversity starting Apr. 19.

“During the Donversity project, I was given the opportunity to create a branding package for Donversity. Through this project, I was able to learn a lot more about what diversity really is and the various aspects to it. My favorite part of the project was imagining seeing my poster up around campus,” said Gayathri Yedavelli (‘22).

Students spent a class period brainstorming color, shape, text, and content choices to make their posters stand out.

“I am utilizing typography as well as shapes and images to implement the ‘uniquely unified’ theme in my design. My biggest challenge for this project was actually coming up with the design. I looked for inspiration online, and in the previous Donversity posters,” said Max Shikelev (‘22).

Then, they spent about two to three weeks working on the posters to make sure every element matched for a complete and eye-catching product. Though the task may seem simple, students utilized multiple different Adobe software products to their benefit. 

“I’m using Illustrator and Indesign. I’m using Illustrator since it allows you to export your drawings in a higher resolution and is just better overall for graphic elements. I’m using Indesign because it has many tools that are helpful for laying out graphic elements on posters. I included the theme in my design by adding in Donversity to the Amador logo, and including the colors of the rainbow to symbolize how everyone is connected,” said Ryan Crandall (‘22). 

Of course, there are also challenges in creating these posters. However, these challenges are beneficial for students if they want to pursue design in the real world. 

“Some of the challenges students face in doing these projects is trying to understand what the student organizers have envisioned and aligning their personal style with it. If students want to be graphic designers, they’ll have to work for other people. They’ll have to figure out what their ‘clients’ want which is a much more difficult task,” said digital art teacher Wendy Connelly. 

Donversity aims to bring the community together, and the digital art students hope their hard work can honor this year’s theme. 

“This is a great project for the digital art students because it’s nice for the school to see their work and have a place for them to publicize their work. A lot of these posters are going to be printed and put all over campus,” said Connelly.