“We don’t talk about Bruno” is the second Disney song to hit number one


Krithika Subramaniam

The Latino infused soundtrack “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” takes the world by storm.

Krithika Subramaniam, Staff Writer

Disney has been a key source of entertainment for the American population for decades. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” from the movie Encanto, has made records ever since its release, occupying the number one spot of the Global 200 chart for 3 weeks straight. It became the first soundtrack from Disney to place number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart this decade.

“‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ portrays stories of many characters and mixes them seamlessly making the song fun and enjoyable to listen to,” said Bhavya Yanamandra (‘23).

The song became Disney’s best performing song, surpassing the previous record held by “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas. The music video has garnered over 199 million views within 2 months and it has also taken the TikTok community by storm.

“I think it’s really TikTok that has helped it blow up so much. In addition to being a really creatively written song, all the new trends have definitely impacted it’s growth,” said Vaishali Sukumar (‘23).

International fans also played a key role in why “We don’t talk about Bruno” blew up the way it did. Encanto brought representation to Latin Americans, and the narrative of a female who grows up in an unjust situation attracted many listeners. The latino instrumentals accompanied with the catchy beats captivated viewers from around the world.

“I would say that the music being composed by Hamilton’s Lin Manuel Miranda would be an added ‘credential’ to the song’s prowess. I think because of that, it definitely deserves to get #1, as it’s a fresh taste into something new,” says Adi Lankipalle (‘23).

The relatability and the fun latino pop sound has led Disney to their biggest hit yet. The song’s music video and the movie it accompanies has received a special space in many people’s hearts.