A preview of 2022 Amador Baseball


Joseph Chiu

After a rough and confusing previous season, baseball is back in action.

Joseph Chiu, Staff Writer

As February begins, the beloved AV baseball team heads back to the fields for training. Baseball tryouts at Amador are from February 7th to February 11th for all levels. Coaches are looking for players with a good attitude as much as they’ll be evaluating baseball skills. 

“I want hard working guys that are unselfish, coachable, can develop leadership skills, [and players] that have high integrity [and] character. The baseball piece is 5th on the list. [If] you have really good people that have work ethic and all those other qualities, and they’re good baseball players, you have a chance to have a special team,” said Head Coach Louis Cesario

Prior to the first scrimmage on 2/15 against San Mateo, preseason has been the only way everyone could get together and work on their game. They’ve been practicing since the beginning of January.

“Preseason has been back to normal and [it’s] been great. It allows the guys to get in shape so that they feel better about themselves, [feel] stronger, play the game at a higher level, create some chemistry, and to talk about leadership expectations [and] culture. Creating interpersonal relationships with them is really important for me,” said Cesario.

Players have also been preparing for tryouts during the offseason. Many have been practicing after school, during Athletic PE, or a local park.

“We usually do batting practice [with] constant reps of hitting baseballs. Every once in a while, we’ll do some defensive work. At home, it’s a lot of weights [and] working out,” said Outfielder Tyler Kubo (‘23)

Preseason was canceled last year due to COVID. This year, preseason has allowed everyone to build their chemistry as varsity players are able reconnect and meet incoming JV players.

“Last year, I felt like I didn’t know any of my teammates as much. This year, getting that preseason and being able to work with everyone has created more of a team bonding experience. It’s helped me meet a lot of the other guys [and] we’ve been able to bond together. We all know each other [more] and I think that’s going to be really good for us,” said 3rd Baseman Ryan Lau (‘22).

After a tough season in 2021, a high level of competition during preseason has increased the anticipation for the start of the 2022 season

“I’m confident. I think we’ll be pretty good this year and hopefully COVID [isn’t] too much of a factor. Everyone’s been eager to get back out there on the field and play some games,” said Pitcher Oliver De La Torre (‘23).