Logan Paul launches new beverage line


Arlina Yang

On January 4th, Logan Paul and KSI released energy drinks that sold out in hours.

On January 4th, rival Youtubers Logan Paul and KSI teamed up to launch a new energy drink: Prime Hydration. According to Logan Paul and KSI, they wanted to show what would happen when rivals joined forces and created a strong business. Paul also wanted to create a great drink that could fit anyone’s lifestyle. 

“I [tried] the lemon-lime flavor. It was okay, but I don’t think it was worth the hype at all,” said Aaron Sharma (‘25), a tennis player and long time follower of both KSI and Logan Paul

KSI admitted that he saw Logan Paul as a way to launch his own career. On November 9th, 2017, Logan Paul and KSI had their first boxing tournament. KSI won the match. The two Youtube stars have been known to be enemies ever since.

“I [was] also really surprised that they teamed up to make this drink because of their conflict, and [although] I am a follower of them, I don’t really like Logan Paul,” said Sharma (‘25). 

With Prime Hydration, Paul hopes to compete against big companies such as Coca Cola, Gatorade, and Pepsi. Their drink contains 825 grams of electrolytes, 250 milligrams of BCAA muscle recovery, and 10% coconut water. 

“I think the Prime hydration drink is definitely better to drink than Gatorade in terms of nutrition because it has less added sugars and doesn’t contain artificial food coloring which can lead to potential cancers. I also [think] that it could be beneficial because it is an electrolyte drink,” said Kavya Jadhav (‘23), a member of Amador’s water polo team. “I [would] try the tropical punch flavor.”

Additionally, this drink has done what few others have ever done. All five flavors, tropical punch, lemon-lime, grape, orange, and blue raspberry, sold out hours after release. With all the buzz the drinks’ ingredients and taste has generated, some felt this was a strong business move.

“From Logan Paul, yes, I expected this from him. He’s literally known for clickbait, and I knew he’d do something like this,” said Jia Varshney (’24).

Although many are considering the move a publicity stunt, that doesn’t stop them from being curious about trying it out. 

“I [would] try the drink. I don’t really care about the drama. I think it’s actually pretty cool,” said Varshney.