After 20 years, the Harry Potter cast reunites during an HBO special


Sarah Yang

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Sarah Yang, Infographic Editor-in-Chief

20 years later, the Harry Potter cast decided to get back together to create a magical experience for their fans once again. Many of the cast members shared their favorite memories from on set. The special was released on January 1st on HBO Max.

“As an avid HP fan, I was really excited to watch the reunion when I first heard about it. I was a bit skeptical at first because I didn’t completely understand what it was going to be like, but when I found out that the wonderful cast would sit together and share stories of their time on set, I was sold,” said Simran Pandey (‘23).

Not only were stories and memories shared, but the film also showed many behind the scenes videos and explained how some of the tougher scenes were shot.

“My favorite part of the reunion was seeing the behind the scenes from the movies, and how much work went into making them because I’m interested in those types of things. My favorite one was probably the Ron and Hermione kiss,” said Lucas Conlin (‘22).

Fans also got the chance to hear some of the inside things between cast members when they filmed the movies.

“My favorite part of the reunion has to be either when Emma and Rupert were talking about their bond, the bittersweet memoriam section, or when Dan shared the love letter he wrote for Helena Bonham Carter,” said Pandey.

Beyond Expectations

The Harry Potter reunion was something fans did not expect. It showed many surprising scenes and fun facts. As the actors were talking about their nostalgia on set, it gave fans a warm feeling in the heart.

“The reunion was not something I expected! I honestly thought that Harry Potter was a closed case and that the only new things we would see were from other branches of the franchise. I was so glad when I found out we would be able to open up this story to a new chapter one last time, something I would have never had expected,” said Pandey.