TV show review: Hawkeye



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Katy Clark, Senior Staff Writer

This holiday season, Marvel has gifted all fans the show Hawkeye, a six episode TV show. The series follows Clint Barton as he teams up with debut superhero Kate Bishop. Together, they take down the Tracksuits, led by the devious Maya Lopez who will stop at nothing to get revenge on the “Ronin.”

Set in New York City around Christmastime, the show truly embraces the holiday spirit with holiday decorations visible in many scenes and instrumental holiday music underlying many of the fight scenes. These stylistic elements create a fun and lighthearted atmosphere, making the show perfect for fans to watch while sipping hot cocoa and wearing cozy Christmas sweaters. 

The characters

Kate Bishop is introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) masterfully, with her origins paying homage to the first Avengers and the attack on New York City. This scene in the first episode sets up her motivations for becoming an archer vigliante, and sets the stage for a wholesome mentorship with the titular character Hawkeye.

Hawkeye is frequently thought of as an underrated Avenger, overshadowed by fan favorites like Iron Man and Black Widow. In this show however, it is his time to shine, with funny one liners, tear jerking moments with his children, and displays of leadership as he teaches his mentee, Kate. Marvel makes this character infinitely more interesting and relatable. 

Maya Lopez, one of the antagonists of the show, shows that not all villains are black and white with her tragic backstory revealing personal trauma, similar to Kate’s. As a deaf person, she also offers powerful representation to the deaf community and is further proof of the inclusivity Marvel is progressing towards.

The fight scenes

One of the best parts of the show is the entertaining fight scenes that leave the audience on the edge of their seats. In episode three there is a car chase that occurs in the heart of New York City, and while the heroes are speeding away from the enemies, we see Hawkeye utilize new skills, such as a vast repertoire of trick arrows at his disposal.

While being suspenseful, the fight scenes also stay with the theme of the show’s holiday spirit and cheer by including banter between Clint and Kate that add humor to the life and death situation, a staple in Marvel narratives. 

Ties to other Marvel projects

The show caters to fans by connecting to the greater MCU in unique and unexpected ways. We see Clint dealing with the consequences of The Blip from Endgame as he is haunted by the Ronin. In addition, he is eager to live a relaxed lifestyle with his kids.

In the first episode, there’s also a random musical sequence where Clint and his kids go to see a broadway production called “Rogers the Musical,” based on the Battle of New York. While mildly entertaining, it ended up eliciting second hand embarrassment and detracting from the overall story.

The most exciting connection we get to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the special guest appearance of a character in Episode 4 from the movies. Acting as a big game-changer to the plot and tone of the show, this appearance also gives more screen time to a beloved character. 


This show is a perfect holiday break binge, alternating between humor, suspense, and wholesome moments that fill your heart with joy. While the plot follows a basic Marvel superhero formula, it is the atmosphere and the characters that make it unique and lively. Though it is not the best Marvel show that has aired this year, it is the perfect watch to end 2021.