Podcast Review: The Skinny Confidential

The Skinny Confidential His & Hers podcast is a wellness, business, beauty, and lifestyle podcast in which married couple Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick interview a variety of celebrities and influencers in search of the top tier tips and tricks to living a better life.

My absolute favorite episode of the handful I have listened to features Glennon Doyle, an American author and activist who overcame an eating disorder, addiction, and other mental health obstacles after the rise of her bestselling book “Untamed.” In “Glennon Doyle On How To Take Hold Of Your Life By Becoming Braver, Bolder, & More Self Aware,” Evarts, Bosstick, and Doyle created a uniquely intriguing listen packed with lessons that I continue to apply to my everyday life months down the line.

Podcasts tend to be a hit or miss: you’re either absolutely enthralled, or bored half to death–I was experiencing the former for the entirety of this episode, from minute one to minute seventy-one. The first conversation immediately grabbed my attention, touching on the way we perceive men and women differently in relation to success and vulnerability. When men grow more successful and confident, they are typically considered more likable and trusted in comparison to a man who is outwardly emotional. In contrast, women who gain success and confidence are typically considered less likable or trustworthy in comparison to a woman who is standardly emotional. Doyle furthers this topic with anecdotes from her own life, never antagonizing either sex and doing a wonderful job clearly and bluntly explaining truths many notice but have trouble articulating. 

I continue to admire the level-headedness exhibited by Doyle, and her nonchalance with the truth. Though passionate, she is not overbearing, nor seems to be pressing an agenda upon any group. Her “say it like it is” attitude is something that I hope inspires all listeners.

The segment that most stood out to me and that continues to live on in my life most abundantly covered the importance of listening–listening without the motive to respond, without thinking about what you want to say while the other is talking, with allowing the pauses and silences that are often cut short. On the journey of recovery from addiction, Doyle’s attendance of group therapy showed her how much she values uninterrupted listening and being listened to. Listening to understand rather than to respond is a powerful practice that I now incorporate into my relationships thanks to this enlightening episode. 


I give The Skinny Confidential’s “Glennon Doyle On How To Take Hold Of Your Life By Becoming Braver, Bolder, & More Self Aware,” 5 stars out of 5. Beyond this article, I have recommended this hour and eleven minutes to many of my friends and family since I first listened to it in January. If you’re looking for a valuable, engrossing, personal podcast, Evarts and Bosstick’s featuring of Doyle is guaranteed to provide what you’re looking for.