Senior athletes who are signed on to play college sports


Jamilla Zuniga

“Being in a new environment with other athletes who share my passion sounds amazing,” said Luke Scanlon (‘21).

Matthew Carter, AVT EIC

  With the end of every school year comes the loss of our beloved seniors. Many of those seniors will be going off to college, and a special few senior athletes will be attending colleges to play sports. This year we had a total of 27 dons sign on to colleges to compete at a college level.

“I decided to run in college because I’ve had a lot of fun running over the past four years in high school, and I can’t really imagine going through school without the family aspect you get from being on a team,” said XC/T&F team captain Euan Houston (‘21).

As Houston says, there really is nothing like being a part of a team. This holds true for many athletes who are going on to play college sports. A common love for teamwork and athleticism is what has driven these athletes to get spots on college teams.

Lacrosse has always been a consistent outlet for me. I love competing in games and at practice. The moment I step on the field, I can focus solemnly on playing and disconnect from whatever else is going on. My teammates and coaches are my second family and have always supported me on and off the field. Lacrosse has taught me hard work pays off and the discipline necessary to be successful on the field, in the classroom, and in life,” said AV lacrosse player Kalena Johnson (‘21).

While the future aspect of new teams and a new level of competition is exciting, it does mean leaving old teams behind. Many seniors will be leaving behind teammates they’ve competed alongside with for years.  

“I am really sad to leave my Amador teammates. We have grown so close over the years and it’s hard to believe my time playing for AV is almost over. I’ve played soccer my entire life and I love it because I think the sport is fun, and it has also given me the closest friendships. My teammates are like my family and I have soccer to thank for that,” said Penny Murphy (‘21).

While this end of a school year marks an end of an era for our seniors, not all has to be sad. These 27 talented athletes will still go on to continue to pursue their athletic passions in college. They’ve all practiced for years to earn their spots on college teams.

“I want to play in college so I can continue finding new friendships and making new memories on the field,” said Murphy.

The list of Dons signing on to college sports are as follows:

Girls Soccer

Penny Murphy (University of Nevada, Reno)

Maille Smith (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)

Kennedy Mayo (Arizona State University)


John Lester (Stanford University)

Hope Bergmark (UC Davis)

Girls Lacrosse

Kalena Johnson (UC Berkeley)

Boys Lacrosse

Nick Strain (University of Arizona)


Mila Hildebrand (UC Davis)

Girls Golf

Rachel Shaw (Biola)

Charlotte Ryoo (UC Irvine)

Kate Lim (UCSC)

Boys Golf

Drew Kim (Cal Poly SLO)


Griffin Myers (Washington State University)

Brad Irish (Ohlone College)

Brendan O’Sullivan (Delta Junior College)


Allyson Kim (University of Rochester)

Girls Basketball

Isabella Mauricio (Brown)

Boys Basketball

Jackson Cash (Whitworth University)


Luke Scanlon (Providence College)

Boys Volleyball

Luke McFall (Princeton)

Boys Tennis

Brett Miller (Occidental)


Spencer Oxe (University of Puget Sound)

Josh Heverly (University of San Diego)

Spencer Scranton (University of Redlands)


Ryan Kobayashi (Wesleyan University)


Tanner McMillan (Chapman)


Euan Houston (Cal Poly)