The Oscars: A Review


Zachary Nicholas

The show took place at the end of last month.

Jasmine Andrea, Junior Editor

One of the most, if not the most, prestigious events in Hollywood was postponed earlier in the year due to the pandemic. Set for April 25, 2021, the nominee cut-off date was also extended to February 28, 2021, which has never been done before.

There were quite a few “never been done before” elements to the 2021 Academy Awards, and it all stems from the hope for a more cinematic experience that the directors are aiming to execute. 

“I watch the Oscars every year, so it will be interesting to see how they are changing it this time—I’m just glad they aren’t doing it over Zoom,” said Piper Bailey (‘24).

The producers collectively decided that those who aren’t able to attend one of the 10-12 worldwide hubs, will have to tune in like the rest, as there will be no option to “Zoom-in” in order to keep the enjoyable cinematic experience. 

The multiple hubs made it possible for less congregation to take place. Notable locations included London, along with the Dolby Theatre and Union Station in Los Angeles.

“It’s smart to have actors live from their home turf, and the ones who still have to travel might not have to travel internationally like they usually would when it was only in LA,” said Mathew Wagerman (22’)

The A-list celebrities that make up the “cast” of presenters included 15 names of last year’s winners and more, and they are replacing the host—this is the third consecutive year that there was no host.

However, it was released before the show that the attendees were not required to wear their masks while the cameras were rolling. They were enforced during commercial breaks or any other times that the cameras were not on the attendees.

These 170 attendees were required to take three COVID tests prior to the event, and the red carpet looked different than in previous years. There were simply three photographers, an extremely limited press, and everyone kept at least seven feet from one another.

Even with the current circumstances, the producers and directors of the highly-anticipated event put together a completely new experience for the Sunday evening.