AV Football “Senior Night” game and rest of season canceled due to COVID cases on team


The team huddled together at their last home game of the year against Granada.

Matthew Carter, AVT EIC

The recent comeback of Amador Valley football has come to a quick halt after the cancelation of last weekend’s “Senior Night” football game. The game was called off last-minute due to a player on the team who contracted COVID.

The unfortunate event put a dampener on the great season our team has been having so far. With an incredible victory against Granada under their belt, the Dons had some great potential for this season.

“Right now it looks like our season is over due to regulations but I’m just glad we got to play at all. This season was by no means a guarantee and the fact that we even got to play three games was much better than not having a season at all,” says Kai Burgermesiter (‘22).

The game was supposed to be the special night for senior players. Usually the field is set up with fun decorations and signs for it being their last home game. They also traditionally honor the players by having them walk across the field with their parents and announcing what they plan to do after graduation.

“My initial thoughts were just immediate sadness for the seniors, since Saturday was supposed to be senior night and that was their night they had been waiting for all of high school,” says Burgermeister.

The cancelation of the season is unfortunate, but the safest action to take. It’s required by the school district that when any athlete contracts COVID that the sport isn’t to practice for at least two weeks. These safety precautions are in the best interest of all students’ health.

“It was necessary for the game to be canceled because we wouldn’t want to possibly spread the disease to Dublin and affect the rest of their games. I feel really bad for the seniors because a lot of them played their last football game and didn;t even know it,” says Haden Roberts (’22).