2020 NBA draft: best picks and trades


The NBA drat this year was full of great trades and new recruits.

Senyi Yang, Staff Writer

2020’s unique NBA Draft via videoconferencing brings out many new talented players, from collegiate powerhouses to landmark international prospects. There were more than several interesting picks and trades for this year’s draft. Fans of different teams are bound to clash over their preferred players, as many new playstyles and abilities are being pulled into the NBA. 

“For me, LaMelo Ball and James Wiseman were the best picks in the draft, but I question Anthony Edwards’s passion for the game. I doubt he’ll live up to the hype of a first overall pick,” says Andrew Tambunting (‘20).

It’s no secret that the Ball family has had tremendous success playing the game. LaVar Ball’s dynamic career prompted much speculation of the skill ceiling of his children, and although LaMelo is the youngest of the three, he doesn’t disappoint coming into his professional experience. 

James Wiseman is an obvious pick for the Warriors, as their lackluster season compared to their backdrop of dominance showed that they needed a powerful big man to really spur on the team. Wiseman’s undeniably strong high school and college careers earned him the second overall pick in this year’s draft. 

Timberwolves’ first pick Anthony Edwards’s outstanding college career record is right at home with top performers D’Angelo Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns. Although his defense seems to lack some development at times, his explosive movement and sheer offensive capabilities draw the spotlight to him.

More interesting picks include Pelicans’ Kira Lewis Jr., adding yet another guard to the collection after their trade of Jrue Holiday just earlier in November. It’s possible the team is looking to work for team cohesion and optimize Lewis’s speed and superior jump shot in the coming season. Israel’s Deni Avdija, easily one of the most potent international trades, was picked up by the Wizards as the ninth pick this year. 

The new format of the NBA during the pandemic is bound to give new challenges and showcase players’ talents differently than normal seasons. Whether or not these rookies prove themselves and reach their highest potential, professional sports will be a fantastic form of entertainment for all of us bored at home.