AV pumpkin carving contest


The pumpkin carving contest should be fun for everyone! If you’re looking for a pumpkin, you can find plenty at Safeway!

The newest installment of Amador’s 2020 spooky season is a school-wide pumpkin carving contest.

“We just thought that a pumpkin carving contest would be a fun way to keep everyone connected and in the Halloween spirit even though we’re all at home,” said Journalism EIC Matthew Carter (‘22).

The project is shared by both leadership and journalism.

“[Leadership] knew that Journalism had started a pumpkin carving contest and because I am in both organizations, they asked me if AVJ would be interested in collaborating. I thought this was a great idea,” said Kendall Witters (‘21).

As long as their jack-o-lantern is appropriate, it’s open to both students and staff. 

“To get involved you can carve a pumpkin and send a photo to our email,” said Carter.

At the end of October, a voting poll will be sent out and the best pumpkin will win a surprise prize.

“It’s important to keep spirits high especially during a holiday season,” said Carter.

Get creative, get spooky, and send your carved pumpkins to [email protected]!