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The student news site of Amador Valley High School


Amador’s centennial pancake breakfast unites alumni

Zenil Koovejee
The spirit wear stand posing for a picture.

Amador Valley High School’s three-day Centennial Celebration reached a crescendo on Saturday morning as Amador’s Friends of Music hosted a special pancake breakfast, welcoming alumni, staff, teachers, students, and community members to a joyous event filled with nostalgia, camaraderie, and a vibrant sense of history.

“The pancake breakfast is the culminating event of the weekend. It is a casual way for all people to celebrate some of the amazing programs that have made Amador excellent for 100 years,” said Amador Friends of Music President Nancy Kent (‘93). 

The day began with the melodious notes of the Amador Valley Marching Band, playing delightful tunes that set the tone for a morning filled with lively conversation, beautiful smiles, and laughter all around.

“Today is a celebration of not just our school, but the memories and friendships that have endured through the years,” said Sheryl Thomas (‘78). 

Adding to the melodic charm, the alumni band, comprising previous band members who had rejoined for the occasion, offered a harmonious blend of past and present. The cheerleaders, too, took to the stage, infusing the atmosphere with their spirited routines.

“Walking down the hallways, witnessing the sense of family in the air today, hearing the band play, it’s really nice to see. All of these moments bring me back to my days here at Amador and all of the beautiful memories that I hold dear,” said Thomas

The event drew a remarkable assembly of past principals, old alumni, and dedicated teachers who had all played a part in Amador’s rich history. The ambiance was described as nothing short of beautiful, radiating a cheerful spirit that permeated the hallowed halls of Amador’s history.

“It’s truly been great to see some of my former students here at the breakfast today. Not so much the coffee, but the people, the interaction, and the conversations make this such a great event,” said retired Amador teacher Tom Hall.

The choir added a touch of patriotism to the festivities by singing the national anthem, infusing a vibrant sense of community into the morning.

“There’s just a ton of people reconnecting, and I think we are celebrating how far we as an Amador community have come. There’s a family feeling here today. I feel connected to every single person here today,” said Thomas.

The breakfast spread was a hearty one, with pancakes, fresh fruits, watermelons, sausages, coffee, and more, all served under the shade of purple and yellow decor-adorned tables.

“Since the start of the morning, we have been serving pancakes, sausages, and other options to all of the people attending this event. It feels great to be a part of this incredible celebration,” said Amador Friends of Music volunteer Harshala Newadkar.

Alumni staff, teachers, students, and community members each purchased tickets for $15 to enjoy the delightful breakfast offerings and partake in the celebration of Amador’s remarkable journey.

“It is very lively. It is very encouraging. We saw so many past alumni, starting from 1965. It was really great to see everyone,” said Newadkar

Throughout the morning, various speakers, including current AV principal Jon Fey, past principals, community members, and Amador Friends of Music organizers, assumed the podium to share their reflections and stories, adding depth to the event’s significance.

“In my view, the organization of this event is really quite commemorable. They did a great job with placing the purple and gold on the tables, having the volunteers be so joyful, and getting so many people involved in today’s celebration,” said Thomas

Saturday’s pancake breakfast was a vibrant, fun-filled affair where people of various backgrounds came together in celebration of something greater than themselves—a shared history, cherished memories, and the enduring spirit of Amador Valley High School.

“Honoring history is not just significant; it’s the compass that guides our future. It’s imperative to show young people that the roots of goodness run deep in time. We must share these stories, for in doing so, we pass down our memories before they vanish in time,” said Lori Olson Oliver (’72).

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