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The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


The student news site of Amador Valley High School


AV Alums tour Amador’s campus after decades of change

On Friday, over 150 Amador graduates walked around campus as a part of Amador’s 100th anniversary celebrations.
Caleb Hong
Two LINK Leaders engage in a lively discussion with visiting Amador alumni, sharing insights and anecdotes about the intimate charm of the small gym during the campus tour.

To start the second day of the Amador Centennial celebration, the AV Link Crew invited past Amador graduates to tour around their former campus. The event was an opportunity to reminisce about old memories and glimpse upon the new changes around the school. 

“The campus is still the same size, except that you guys went up, instead of sprawling it out. I appreciated that whoever designed all this took into consideration the space that they have and then utilized it. I knew where I was on campus. There wasn’t so much change that I couldn’t understand it,” said Vic Sober (‘85).

In its century of vibrant life, Amador’s activities and culture have always been changing. And that aspect of the school was evident throughout the tour around campus.

“It’s integrated a lot more different sports that weren’t available when I came here. There’s more variety with the classes, different languages, with the sciences and engineering, computer sciences and coding. That wasn’t a thing when I was here,” said Ryanne Juarez (‘96).

Standing back on Amador’s campus again, the alums’ memories that were long stored away in their minds came rushing back. They shared their stories, from classroom troublemaking to football rivalries that continue to today. 

“My senior year, Monte Vista was a powerhouse, ranked in the state [as] one of the best in the Bay Area. We focused really well, pulled together as a team, and we went out on the field, and we beat those suckers,” said Vic Sober (‘85).

Many memories resurfaced as the alums strolled around campus. Peering into the large gym, gazing upon the football field, and spotting old friends in the library hallway, it was clear that Amador would always be home for these alums.

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  • AVtv Segment Editor Max Kiyoi passionately elucidates the transformative evolution of Amador’s Journalism Program over the years to alumni visiting the campus on the Friday.

  • A touring Amador graduate flips through an old yearbook, searching for a picture of her friend.

  • Amador alumni, proudly clutching the Amadon, Amador’s official school newspaper, venture into the multimedia and Journalism classroom during their campus tour.

  • The alums capped off their tour with the latest edition of AVtv, seeing firsthand how Amador’s classes and students are today.

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    Christina Nystrom ('96)Sep 18, 2023 at 1:06 pm

    Great article – thanks for sharing it!