“Confident in themselves”: AV Glamour Gals brings glam to senior homes


Provided by avhsggclub on Instagram)

AV Glamour Gals and Glamour Gals national had volunteers visit a senior home to decorate the home with pink decor for their event.

The Amador Valley Glamour Gals club is dedicated to fostering intergenerational connections through makeovers like painting nails and doing makeup for elderly women in senior homes. Glamour Gals’ mission is to provide companionship for seniors and eliminate the negative impacts of senior isolation on their mental and physical health.

From decorating senior homes to coloring color books to having genuine conversations, the Amador Glamour Gals aim to host a variety of events for the seniors at the homes.

“We do a variety of events to make things interesting for the seniors. For example, over the summer we had a Carnival Event with carnival food and games for the senior citizens,” said Ayushi Deokule (‘23), President of AV Glamour Gals.

AV Glamour Gals decorated the desks with pink decor while waiting for the seniors to arrive to their event (Photo from avhsggclub on Instagram)

One of Deokule’s most memorable visits at her time in AV Glamour Gals is when they had a Zoom call with a 103 year-old patient during COVID-19. 

“Born during the Spanish Flu, COVID-19 was not her first pandemic. She told us about her stories of how her parents met at the Panama Canal Convention, how she experienced World War II, and worked for civil rights,” said Deokule. “It was like walking through a history book.”

Following the peak of the pandemic, AV Glamour Gals worked tirelessly. Senior home residents experienced minimal to no social interaction for an extended period of time due to their vulnerability to COVID-19.

“Ever since COVID, and even to this day, people are not as social as they used to be. Glamour gals is a club where social interaction is very important and lets people connect with the seniors of our town!” said Ameya Tubati (‘25), AV Glamour Gals member.

In addition to painting seniors’ nails and hosting events, AV Glamour Gals also had volunteers create handwritten cards for the seniors (Photo from avhsggclub on Instagram)

In addition to visiting seniors, AV Glamour Gals also host fundraising events to help senior homes through supplies given by the Glamour Gals national organization. One of their most recent fundraisers include their popular friendship bracelets. 

“Our most recent friendship bracelet fundraiser all goes towards helping the senior homes by new supplies from Glamour Gals National (since we are a chapter) and more. It was a really unique fundraiser because people could “pre-order” two bracelets ahead and choose customization for just $3,” said Deokule

AV Glamour Gals’ volunteers play a crucial role in being the connection between seniors and the present generation. With acts as little as painting a senior’s nails, the AV Glamour Gals invite the seniors to interact with fun activities and conversations.

“Being in Glamour Gals for four years, I have been able to truly see the impact our volunteers have on the seniors. They are isolated from society and sometimes their family does not visit,” said Deokule. “By painting the senior’s nails, the seniors feel more ‘glamorous’ and confident in themselves.”