Powder Puff football game to be held at Foothill


Trisha Pandey

AV girls discuss their strategy to prepare for the Powder Puff game.

The Powder Puff football event is officially coming back to Pleasanton, with Amador and Foothill girls teaming up to play an exciting game on April 29. The game will take place at Foothill High School, starting at 6:00 P.M. for the JV game and 7:30 P.M. for the varsity game with all proceeds going to a local breast cancer foundation.

“Powder Puff is a way for all of the community to get together in order to fundraise towards a good cause. This year is going to the Hers Breast Cancer Foundation and they use it to help support those who do have cancer or are recovering from cancer,” said Caydence Likeness (‘25).

Over 10 years ago, Amador girls played two games against each other. The Dons will be playing against Foothill High School this year, making it the first girls football matchup in the school’s history.

“We’re teaming up with Foothill because those games get a lot of action during the normal football season. It’s going to be a fun event to come watch because it’s both schools instead of just splitting up our own school,” said Kathryn Covert (‘25).

In the past years of the Powder Puff event, Amador girls have raised money for important causes and brought the community together to watch these popular games.

“I think that we got a good amount of money through both restaurant fundraising as well as the tickets for the game. And I know that each year we do a different foundation for breast cancer,” said Likeness.

Amador girls are thrilled to have an opportunity to play a game of football against Foothill and will have two practices to prepare themselves before the big game. 

“We have practices leading up to the game where we can work on plays and figure out who will be in what position. Once we get closer to the game, we will set up anything [as needed] to get into it. Maybe athletic trainers, stuff like that,” said Kaitlin Burleson (‘25). 

The student organizers of Powder Puff are working hard to make the event enjoyable for spectators and incorporating different ways to raise money for charity.

“We are also working on fundraising through different food events, like different food restaurants, and then our tickets are trying to boost the ticket sales as much as possible,” said Likeness. 

Leadership organizers of the event are making Powder Puff quite the event to look forward to with both JV and Varsity games being played. Make sure to show support for Amador girls next Saturday. 

“You should look forward to seeing Amador crush Foothill,” said Burleson.