Q&A: Colton Cash talks commitment to California Lutheran University


Provided by Colton Cash

Cash committed to Cal Lutheran in February just before the East Bay Athletic League and Northern California Sports playoffs. (Photo provided by Colton Cash.)

As Amador Valley’s only basketball commit this year, Colton Cash has committed to play Division III basketball at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, CA.

DISCLAIMER: All quotes from the interview were edited for thoroughness and conciseness.

When did you realize you wanted to continue playing basketball in college?

My whole life I’d say, because I’ve always loved the game and it was fun. I didn’t want to quit after high school because my dream was always to play in college.

Are there any other schools you considered playing for? 

I considered playing for Chapman University, LaVerne, and Redlands. 

Did you pick Cal Lutheran solely because of its basketball?

I also picked it for its location, which is in Southern California, and the smaller school community so I feel more connected.

Is playing on a team completely different from your Amador teammates going to feel weird for you?

I would say yeah, because I’m used to playing with them. I think my new teammates will be fine, I’m hoping we have chemistry on the court as soon as I get there. It feels weird because after my last game, everyone else on the team had played their last real basketball game. But I know I still have four more years, and that feels good. 

Do you have any advice for younger players trying to find a college to play at?

Definitely reach out to coaches after sophomore year. Make sure to send them film and start building a close relationship with the coaches. 

How did you know Cal Lutheran was the best fit for you?

I knew Cal Lutheran was the best fit for me because I went to the campus and really liked it. I felt like, “I could see myself going here.”

What is your goal for the next four years?

My goal is to win a league championship and build connections with my teammates. 

California Lutheran University’s basketball team, the Kingsmen, had a record of 13 wins and 13 losses last season.