Satchel Williams (’24): An up and coming filmmaker


Tejasvini Ramesh

Satchel Williams (’23) is an aspiring filmmaker, working tirelessly to create films that showcase his creativity and storytelling.

For years now, up and coming filmmaker Satchel Williams (‘24) has been dedicated to producing films. Although it started off as a hobby that bonded his family together, film production eventually became Williams’s passion. 

“It all started off when I wanted to make a music video to a song I liked in 2017, so I planned out my vision in my head and created it. After that, I realized, woah — I really like this,” said Williams.

With his father being a director and producer in the industry, Williams has always been around the business. As a result, he has access to the best equipment for his success.

“My biggest influence is for sure my dad. He received a scholarship to USC film school but couldn’t go at the time. When I got interested in editing and film, he gave me suggestions and helped guide me through the process of making my films and made a path for me,” said Williams.

The Creative Process

As of today, Williams has produced over 15 films, with his most recent project titled Vented Minds. While it is typical for filmmakers to specialize in one area, Williams is involved in all aspects of production.

“In the future, I hope to write, direct, and produce all of my own work because it is my vision. As I get older, I see myself backing off of editing, but these are mine, so I want to be part of the process as much as I can,” said Williams.

With many films, one of Williams’s challenges involves coming up with creative, unique ideas for new projects. For him, creating films that capture the viewer’s attention and make them want to watch is essential.

“I have a notebook on my bedside table called Nightly Ideas and Thoughts. It’s basically a book full of my thoughts throughout the day, and I put down simple plots, the genre, and the rating it is classified under. I find something that I want to address and I make a story around my ideas from this notebook” said Williams.

One of Williams’s most memorable films was released three months ago, called Hollywood Clichés. For this film in particular, Williams was able to shoot the short film in only one day. 

“It doesn’t normally take a day to film but we had a shot list, it was only 2 actors, and we were just playing around with putting as many Hollywood clichés in the shortest amount of time. It may have only taken a day to shoot, but that’s not accounting for all the preparation and editing,” said Williams. 

Future Plans

With his dedication to filmmaking, Williams hopes to continue producing films throughout high school and college. His ultimate goal is to be a professional one day.

“I want to get into USC’s film school, and I’m trying to make as many films as possible and get as much experience as I can while I’m in high school. In 10 years I hope I’m in some way part of the industry. I have been working my hardest to make the best quality films I can and I know that with hard work, I can become a successful filmmaker,” said Williams.

Viewers can watch Williams’s films on his YouTube channel, SMMAC Productions.