Fans at Amador reflect on Brock Purdy’s performances, share expectations for remainder of season


Photo provided by Mason Lyions

Amador Valley students Mason Lyions (‘24) and Drew Souza (‘24) attend the 49ers game to watch their team’s new quarterback.

Rookie quarterback Brock Purdy has been named starter for the San Francisco 49ers after Trey Lance was injured in week two and Jimmy Garoppolo got hurt in week 13. Also known as “Mr. Irrelevant,” Purdy has stepped up and is getting the job done for the 49ers.

Fans were not completely surprised by Purdy’s success due to the weapons on the 49ers’ offense and the best defense in the league entering week 15. In addition, he performed well as the starter at Iowa State University.

“I did not expect him to perform this well but with his college experience and the 49ers’ offensive weapons, I was not totally surprised,” said Mason Lyions (‘24).

49er fans have high expectations for the young quarterback and believe that he will continue playing well to lead the team deep in the playoffs.

“I am expecting similar performances in upcoming games and I feel like Brock Purdy will go far in the playoffs surrounded by the 49ers’ offensive weapons,” said Drew Souza (‘24).

With how quickly Purdy adapted to his new role, some fans believe the rookie can become the new face of the franchise once reserved for Trey Lance by San Francisco’s front office.

“I do think Brock Purdy is the future of the 49ers. But I think that his play throughout these weeks will really determine if he is the face of the franchise, whether that be with the niners or another team,” said Kevan Mokashi (‘26).

Other fans are not yet convinced and are waiting to see how Purdy performs throughout the rest of the season. He has started one game so far and, although it went well, there are still more games to be played.

“I think that by the end of the regular season, we will have a big enough sample size to determine if he can lead them to the Super Bowl. But I think one-and-a-half games is not enough to see what he can do,” said Lyions.

Purdy will have a chance to convince fans of his talent this week when the 49ers take on their division rival Seattle Seahawks, who are equally fighting hard for a playoff spot.

“I think that this week’s game against the Seahawks will be a great test to see if he is really going to have a chance to take them deep in the playoffs, but I expect a good performance,” said Lyions.