Pleasanton’s Rotary Club holds annual Spirit Run


Catherine Xun

Participants pass the finish line after a grueling 25-minute marathon.

Parth Mishra and Catherine Xun

Last Sunday, Pleasanton residents from all parts of the town participated in the annual Spirit Run held by the local Rotary Club. The event helps to raise money for academic scholarships for students, amongst other things.

“We also do community grants…[also] international projects, so we purchase wheelchairs and have them shipped to other countries to those folks that can’t afford it,” said Steve Van Dorn, president of Pleasanton’s Rotary Club.

The Spirit Run consisted of a 5K and a 10K marathon as well as small fair where runners were able to enjoy a variety of refreshments. 

“The services are perfect, couldn’t be better. The atmosphere is very nice too. Families, people with kids, with dogs, and the Mayor came and made a speech. It’s very nice,” said marathon participant Frederik Pettersson.

The Spirit Run was a welcoming environment for many. Families were able to engage in some fun family and community bonding throughout the course of the event.

“My kids made me want to run for this event. During the pandemic we started running together, and they’re getting super fast and motivated,” said marathon participant Daniel Martin. 

It wasn’t only families forging stronger bonds during the event, but the entire Pleasanton community. The grueling physical effort that goes into running a marathon brought Pleasanton residents together.

“The runners are trying their best, and I love to see it. You can see that they have a lot of community spirit, which is bringing all of us together,” said Brahmia Attaluri (‘25), who volunteered at the event.

In the end, the Spirit Run represents a strong community effort that has succeeded in its purpose of both bringing Pleasanton residents together and raising funds for an important cause.

“This is a positive environment. It’s good to be a part of something as positive as a charity like the Spirit Run,” said Martin.