Donversity Committee holds first informational meeting


Yi (Steven) Yang

Yesterday, club representatives met with advisers in an introductory meeting.

Yi (Steven) Yang and Aashi Jain

The first 2023 Donversity planning meeting for clubs was held today at the library. Clubs, classes, and advisors met to introduce the upcoming celebration. 

“I’m not sure what I’ll be helping with yet. Right now, Art Club already has an art gallery, so we will probably promote it in our club and have that be a part of an activity that we do in our club for Donversity,” said Art Club President April Gong (‘23).

Students and teachers celebrate the diversity at Amador during Donversity week that showcases the different perspectives that the students hold. This year, Donversity will bring back the board game class activity, the art show, and film festival.

“I think it’s an important cause to celebrate the variety of people that make up the Amador community. So, I’m excited to be a part of it this year and help bring everyone back together following a lot of isolation,” said Stacey Sklar, adviser of the Curriculum committee and the Publicity committee.

The 2023 Donversity Week will be from February 6 through 10th, culminating in a rally on Friday, February 10th. Donversity will have six committees, each leading a different part of this year’s celebration: publicity, class activity, lunchtime activities, club festival, rally, and art show. 

“Last year, Art Club wasn’t as involved in Donversity. It is important this year because we are sharing our art and having our thoughts and expression of art on campus displayed to everyone is important,” said Gong.

Many students on campus are excited about the launch of this year’s Donversity week and rally. In past years, Donversity contained many performances and activities from clubs such as Black Student Union and Bollywood Club

“I think Donversity is really cool. It includes a lot of people on campus and allows people to truly express themselves. I’m looking forward to it,” said Scott Garman (‘23).