Behind the scenes: How the Bollywood Club is preparing for Donversity


Devika Subramaniam

The Bollywood club is working hard and preparing for their dance which will be performed at Donversity.

With Donversity approaching, many students from different clubs have started rehearsals for what they are going to perform. One of those clubs includes the Bollywood club — a dance team that represents the culture of American-born Desis. The club has been a great way of showing the culture of South Asia, while also showcasing the diversity of Amador.

“For Donversity, many of these students have been doing rigorous practice and plan on meeting at least once a month. Every dancer has to learn basic steps as they combine it into one choreography. If someone has missed practice, they catch up with the leader, who teaches them step by step,” said Bollywood club member Ketaki Lole (‘22).

Many of the club members have been practicing dance for years, and when they heard about the Bollywood dance team, many of them joined. The club has become their place for showcasing their passion and art style.

“I’ve been dancing since I was really small, so dancing for me is like a passion. It’s something where I can express myself and it’s kind of my free space when I’m stressed. When I’m dancing I don’t really think about anything else so it’s something that I love to do,” said Bollywood club member Aditi Chinta (‘24).

The club integrates Desi culture through their Indian dancing styles and cultural clothing, while combining modern music to incorporate American culture as well. Many students believe that this is a bridge between combining the two cultures, having many South Asian Americans feel represented.

Devika Subramaniam and Krithika Subramaniam

“I joined the Bollywood club because it is a very good representation of the culture that I come from. My mom used to dance as a kid and that’s kind of like with me too. I used to dance as a kid and so when I moved here from Indian to America, this club really just brought out those memories,” said Bollywood club member Depannita Aeron (‘24).

Students must pass tryouts by doing a “freestyle” dance and then they must seek the approval of an officer. Once they pass everyone becomes one family, and there are no judgments within each other.

“I joined because my sister told me about her experience and like the instant connection with others. I realized that there was no awkward phase, I connected with all these girls literally instantly and we became a huge family. So I joined to be a part of a community,” said Bollywood club member Amishi Anand (‘25).

The Bollywood club continues to work hard and they hope to have the school mesmerized by their extravagant performance at Donversity in April.