State and county health departments highly encourage mask wearing as campus COVID cases rise


Zaynah Shah

Following the new masking guidelines, Laurel Wall (’24) and Anika Parkhi (’24) complete their work next to each other.

Lucy Taylor and Haley Gottlieb

Throughout the past few weeks, there has been an influx in COVID-19 cases on Amador’s campus. School officials, the California Department of Public Health, and the Alameda County Public Health Department are now strongly recommending that all people wear masks indoors around other people.

“It is still strongly recommended to wear masks indoors and in heavily populated areas, continue to wash hands frequently, not share food and drinks, and if you are symptomatic, follow the protocol. That aspect hasn’t really changed besides for the part where masks are strongly recommended while you’re inside, but we are just reemphasizing it,” said Amador Valley COVID-19 Liaison, Melanie Harris.

An email sent out by Harris to the Amador Community stresses the number of cases that were reported on campus and states that individual classroom exposure notices will no longer be sent out. It was suggested for students to “take appropriate precautions, including frequent testing and mask-wearing.” 

“The concern is that there are a lot of activities that are about to happen in the next few weeks and if you are symptomatic then it’s going to be problematic for students to attend those things,” said Harris

Students have expressed concern for the rising COVID cases by wearing masks more often and taking other related precautions. With summer coming up, students do not want their plans to be ruined due to the effects of the virus.

“As students, we can keep our distance from those who may appear to be sick and sometimes wear masks if we deem it appropriate. I really don’t want my summer to be ruined if COVID lockdowns come back again,” said Terrence Moore (‘23).