Pleasanton hosts PPIE Education Run, raises 1 million in 10th annual race


Soumya Rangan

The PPIE Run fundraised more than a million dollars for the school district.

Soumya Rangan, Photo EIC

Pleasanton’s 10th annual PPIE Run for Education took place last Sunday, April 24, 2022. More than 2000 participants ran the races, and the fundraiser raised more than one million dollars for the Pleasanton School District. 

The run had distances, of 5K, 10K, and 15K, as well as a Kids’ Challenge of 0.25 miles. Since everyone was encouraged to participate, many families walked the routes to show their support for Pleasanton schools. 

“I love it, it’s a personal challenge, and it’s a professional contribution because I work for the district,” said Sherry Doyle, first-time runner and Lydiksen Elementary teacher.

The money raised from the fundraiser is used for a variety of projects, including STEM grants, and support counselors and techs.

“I love to see the diversity in all the runners out here, and knowing that all the dollars that are raised are all going directly back to our schools… doing something that’s healthy, active, fun, and yet still still raise money and help the kids, it’s great,” said Todd Urikal, Emcee and owner of Sidetrack Bar and Grill.

Additionally, there were a number of businesses that came out to sponsor the fundraiser, including Fleet Feet, Schlicher Orthodontics, and the Pleasanton Weekly. 

“We’ve sponsored for I think about 7 plus years, and Dr. Will has sponsored a lot … being here is really fun because we get to feed other people from downtown Pleasanton, and we get to mingle with a lot of people,” said Schlicher Orthodontics employee, Dominique. 

The PPIE run has participants of all ages and backgrounds. There are children who are running for fun, families out to get some exercise and support their schools, and even semi-professional runners.

“I grew up running in high school and college, and now I help coach the Mount Diablo Heat. It was fun, today was a really fast time … it’s great to be out with a lot of the kids, and all of [runners] did really good,” said the first woman to finish, Lisa Christian.

PPIE is the single biggest fundraiser for PUSD, and one of the best ways for people to support the public school system here in Pleasanton. It’s a way for people to raise money on their own behalf and support their community. 

“I like that it helps our schools, and also [that] I can spend time with my family… my goal is to finish under 30 minutes,” said Mridhula Kaliyur (‘25). 

The PPIE Run for Education is one of the biggest fundraising events, and with the support of businesses, and locals, Pleasanton schools will benefit from the money. PUSD graciously thanks everyone who participated. 

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  • Todd Urikal, owner of Sidetrack Bar and Grill, took lead of the fundraiser as the Emcee.

  • More than 2,000 people participated by walking and running in the fundraiser.

  • The Diablo Valley Heat, a running club for elementary and middle school kids, ran well during the 5k race.

  • Volunteers at the finish line pass out medals to all the participants for their contribution to schools.

  • Some booths encouraged kids to exercise, such as doing burpees, in return for food.

  • Bringing humor to the race, a participant ran in a mask during the 5K.

  • Lisa Christian, the coach for the Diablo Valley Heat, was the first woman to cross the finish line during the 5K.

  • Mother and son from the Diablo Valley Heat crossed the line together.

  • One of the first few participants of the 10K race passes through the finish line.

  • A mother-daughter duo excitedly cross the finish line.

  • Three young 5K runners were cheered on by a sign by their families.

  • Companies such as Baird Orthodontics and State Farm sponsored the run, and set up booths for participants and their families to walk around after the races were over.

  • Families came together to walk for a greater cause.

  • Families took the morning to get exercise, as well as walk their dogs on the 5K route.

  • Participants pose as they walk the run.

  • The Pleasanton Police came together to barricade the streets, as well as protect the participants while they support education.