Seussical the Musical arrives at Pleasanton!

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  • The beginning of the Seussical; here, Horton the Elephant and most of the other main cast are introduced to the audience.

  • JoJo, the mayor of WhoVille’s son, is swept underwater by the fish he had thought into existence himself!

  • Gertrude McFuzz, Horton the Elephant’s lively bird neighbor, grieves at her tail’s tiny length.

  • Mayzie La Bird, Horton’s other bird neighbor, shows off her wonderful feathers, much to the amazement of the audience and Gertrude herself.

  • Horton is found sitting on Mayzie’s egg! He is arrested and sent to Suessby’s Auction, where he is sold to a circus.

  • JoJo and the residents of WhoVille rally to release Horton from his captivity at the circus.

  • Horton reunites with Gertrude, but he is accused of disturbing the peace by the residents of WhoVille!

  • Horton is prosecuted by the jury of Bad Girls, who accused him of loitering around the egg and inappropriate misconduct.

  • After a long legal battle against the residents of Whoville, Horton is finally declared not guilty.

  • This year’s Seussical was special in its own way, with a wonderful cast of engaging characters and amazing background effects that enhanced the performance to a new level.