Photos: Boys Tennis start off strong in their games

Elyssa Lieu, Sharon Jiang, and Jocelyn Hsu

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  • Arnav Murarka (’24) focus on the movements of the tennis ball coming towards him and is ready for the right moment to swing.

  • Doubles partners Nolan Smith (’23) and Vikram Murali (’23) shake hands with their Monte Vista opponents.

  • Aaron Sharma (’25) sets his position to be ready to catch a serve from the opponent.

  • Rohan Patil (’25) watches for his opponent’s next move on the court.

  • Minsung Kim (’25) scores a point in his singles match.

  • Aaditya Geddam (’24), after catching a serve from his opponent

  • Bryan Park (’23) clenches his teeth as he continues the rally.

  • Bryan Park (’23) jumps high in the air to serve in his first round of the day.

  • Aaron Sharma (’25) concentrates on receiving the ball.

  • Minsung Kim (’25) backswings to catch his opponent’s serve.

  • Rohan Patil (’25) prepares to send the ball over the net.

  • Hrishi Hari (’22) reaches to receive the tennis ball.

  • Bryan Park (’23), after swinging back the ball from his opponents.

  • Anuraag Aravindan(’23) puts a great amount of effort, jumping high in the air, to reach the ball while working with his partner Vikram Murali (’23).

  • Aidan Doan(’24) tries his best to catch every ball possible from the opponent.

  • Andrew Weckwerth(’23) and Soren Pagtakhan(’23) playing the double against Granada.

  • Bryan Park (’23) focuses intensively while doing his first serve.