Marines visit Amador for recruiting interests


Tejasvini Ramesh

A crowd gathers as a student lifts 30 pounds of ammunition from Sergeant Maina’s presentation table.

Tejasvini Ramesh and Eva Raul

On March 16, the US Marine Corps visited Amador to talk to students about recruitment. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions, meet new people, and participate in fun exercises. 

“I’m here putting up what we offer as marine corps, so if it’s something that a student wants to do, then they can come to us and talk. Mostly, we give more information to people that come in so we can sit down with them and discuss what their goals are,” said Marine Corps recruiter Sergeant Paul Maina.

At the decorated booth, students were able to read through a variety of brochures, ranging from career paths in the Marine Corps to female officers in the military.

“I think something that is really interesting is the fact that they had a huge variety of informative things. They definitely drew a pretty big crowd over here,” said Aditi Ambhaiker (‘23).

In addition to brochures, students got to ask Sergeant Maina any questions they had about recruitment, including costs, careers, and benefits of joining. 

“A common question I get is if we’re going to get drafted. America doesn’t do drafting anymore. If you want to join the military, it’s your choice. They also ask if the military pays for your education, which they do, and there’s over 350 jobs in the military,” said Maina. 

After asking questions, students got a chance to test their strength by lifting a 30-pound box of weights. In exchange for participating, students received merchandise including water bottles, t-shirts, or drawstring bags. 

“I like how we got prizes for motivating ourselves through physical activity. It’s inspiring me to stay fit, and I think it’s pretty interesting,” said Shaunak Paul (‘24).

Overall, the event was a fun, engaging, and educational experience for students and the Marine Corps recruiters.
“I appreciate the time you guys give us here. I get to be more myself. At the end of the day, I’m a marine, but at the same time, I get to be a human being and talk to people and be able to enjoy conversations and see what people’s lives are,” said Maina.

For more information, visit the Marines’ website. The next visit day will be on May 14 with the US Army.