A preview of Amador Boys Lacrosse 2022


Aileen Hu

The Junior Varsity and Varsity Lacrosse teams have combined practices after school every weekday.

Aileen Hu and Tejasvini Ramesh

On February 8th, Amador’s JV and Varsity Boys Lacrosse teams officially began tryouts for the 2022 season. The team has a total of 18 games this season, and they are excited to start strong.

“We had a very strong first half of the season against some really tough teams, so I’m looking forward to battling it out with them and seeing how well our team stacks up against some of the heavy hitters in our own bay area,” said Team Captain Alex Kragan (‘22).

One of the team’s greatest advantages is the number of upperclassmen on the team, and since JV and Varsity are combining their practices, newer members can improve teamwork and seek advice from them.

“We have a lot of veteran leadership since we have a lot of seniors on our team, so we’re looking forward to a lot of offense and firepower from them. We have to improve our defense a bit, but we have a great senior goalie,” said Assistant Coach Greg Shaw.

To keep the players ready to compete, practice takes place five days each week, for two hours each session. Despite the time commitment, players find the experience fun and rewarding.

“I think one of my favorite parts of being in lacrosse is the team bus rides. Being on the bus with all the boys for an hour or two going to and from games is always a fun experience,” said Kragan.

This season is particularly special for the lacrosse team because it is their first normal season coming out of the pandemic. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the past two seasons heavily altered players’ schedules, which interfered with their activities in various aspects.   

“COVID was definitely an obstacle that messed with lacrosse both recruiting wise and just high school lacrosse wise. I was supposed to play 20 games my sophomore year and another 20 games my junior year because that’s just how long seasons are, but I ended up only playing 12 games in those two years,” said Kragan (‘22).

Fortunately, this year, COVID-19 restrictions are not impacting the team’s practices or games at all. With 18 games and playoffs ahead of them, Amador’s Boys Lacrosse team has a lot to look forward to this season.