Amador Students and Staff Undertake Joya Yoga’s 75/90 Challenge


Imogen Rogers

Amador students after a heated yoga class pose with smiles and tired but fit bodies.

Local yoga studio and group fitness gym JOYA is hosting a 75-classes-in-90-days challenge to kick off the new year, and Amador students and staff are participating.

“Once my high school sport was over, I was looking for a fun and new way to work out and I found it at JOYA. With this challenge I am motivated to go to a class everyday and push myself,” said alumni Lauren Reeves (‘22).

The challenge can be completed through any of the offered classes. This includes heated and non-heated yoga, Bikram yoga, HIIT (high intensity interval training), cardio-focused classes, cycle, and yin yoga.

“My favorite is a tie between yoga and HIIT classes. I love to relax and do yoga on the weekends, but during the school week I love HIIT classes and their fast pace as well as the fun poppy music that goes with it,” said Reeves.

Classes are open to all. JOYA’s instructors provide a variety of modifications to meet the needs of their students.

“The inclusivity is really incredible. Instructors remind us ‘this is your workout’ at the beginning, which helps take the pressure off of a potentially intimidating experience,” said P.E. teacher Dawn Silva.

The JOYA community has added fun and accessibility to the often dreaded experience of working out, and the 75/90 challenge opens the doors to personal exploration.

“I’ve learned a lot about how I like to workout, and try to incorporate some of what I’ve learned into lifetime fitness for my students,” said Silva.

The aspect of a challenge further increases the gym’s air of community. Having such a versatile workout experience with the different classes offered and the variety of instructors leading them is truly valuable in a time when the pressure is on.

“Physically I do feel stronger, but I think the mental rewards far outweigh the physical. I find myself needing to attend class rather than having a ‘have to go’ type attitude. These classes act as a huge mental release from school and other outside factors and that is my favorite part,” said Reeves