Varsity Boys Basketball works hard against De La Salle

Elyssa Lieu, AVT Editor-in-Chief

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  • Amador and De La Salle players stand in contrast to one another, watching the basketball at the right of the court.

  • Abe Tabatabian (’22) catches the ball in midair.

  • Foster Keast (’22) tracks the ball as it lands in the hoop.

  • Bryce Osaki (’22) moves down the court to score a goal against De La Salle.

  • Amador players rest on the bench, ready to be subbed in at any point in the game.

  • Ethan Daley (’22) catches the basketball after halftime as the players return to the court.

  • Tyler Cheng (’23) gets ready to move the ball as Colton Cash (’23) signals in the background.

  • Ethan Daley (’22) gets ready to pass as De La Salle attempts to steal the ball.

  • Jesse Huang (’23) dribbles the ball as a rival player tries to intercept.

  • Amador lost to De La Salle with a score of 24-48.