Leadership decorates Q building for the holiday season


Ritika Ghosh

Sara Vannoni (’23) and Logan Bayani (’22) work on making snowman out of cotton balls and paper.

Leadership students have decorated the Q building with fun festive streamers and curtains. As of December 3, the hallways of the Q building have been decked out in everything from snowmen to Hanukkah dreidels. 

“We decided to set up decorations in the Q buildings to spread some holiday cheer, keep spirits up and make everything look really nice so that people can be really happy as they’re going to class,” said leadership student Sara Vannoni (‘23).

Now more than ever, students turn to their school community for inspiration, and the leadership class is constantly doing its best to keep students motivated. Decorating at Amador has been a tradition among the leadership students, and this year’s decorations are sure to put a smile on your face. 

“Especially with finals coming up, just a little brightening of your day as you walk through the hallways is fun,” said leadership student Emma Baer (‘23).

Psychologists have found that Christmas decorations bring people back to simpler times, releasing dopamine in your brain. The students in leadership recognize the importance of spreading holiday cheer, even if it is something small as decorating. 

“I think decorating the hallways definitely puts kids at Amador in the holiday spirit and cheers them up because it’s something fun to look at school, it’s just something fun to see around campus,” said leadership student Gracie Quinn (‘22).

Leadership’s timing is perfect since finals are just around the corner. A space filled with items that remind you of the best part of winter- the holidays- is just the thing students need to relieve anxiety. 

I really like the decorations; I like how festive the Q building looks. They really give the students something to look forward to when they’re coming to the Q building,” said Jack Thomas (‘23).

The holidays bring out the best in everyone, and leadership is always seeing to it that Dons always have something to be excited about. They’ve done their part in spreading holiday spirit by decorating, and they encourage you to do yours!

“I think generally having a positive attitude, making sure you’re telling people you’re thankful for them, is super helpful just in motivating each other and making sure everyone stays positive during the winter,” said Vannoni.