California State Universities stretch deadlines for priority applications


Leila Touati

Students applying for CSUs have the opportunity to apply to certain campuses until Dec. 15 and beyond.

Leila Touati, AVT Editor-in-Chief

As of Dec. 2, certain California State Universities (CSU) have extended the priority application deadline to Dec. 15 and later dates. 

“I tried to  apply to CSU schools on the deadline, November 30, then the application stalled so much and I just though it’s not worth it so I didn’t continue it. Honestly, I don’t think it’s fair to extend the deadline; I procrastinated and I don’t think that’s a good look for me as a student, and some kids properly timed themselves and worked to get their application in,” said Aron Thakur (‘22).

The reason for these extended deadlines is due to connectivity issues on Monday and Tuesday where students had trouble submitting their applications. 

“It was stressful — I was on it for nearly four hours; I logged in early and was finishing up and checking over my stuff and it logged me out because it crashed. I got it done, but it was tedious and stressful,” said Ahona Das (‘22).

The schools with deadlines for Dec. 15 are CSU Bakersfield, CSU Channel Islands, Chico State, CSU Dominguez Hills, Fresno State, Cal State LA, Cal Maritime, CSU Monterey Bay, CSU Northridge, Cal Poly Pomona, Sacramento State, Cal State San Bernandino, San Diego State, San José State, CSU San Marcos, Sonoma State, and Stanislaus State. 

“I did not personally have any problems because I submitted before [the deadline] but I did hear a lot about my friends having a lot of issues with it, where they were freaking out and calling me,” said Camille Ernst (‘22).

San Francisco State has a priority deadline of Dec 30, and Cal State East Bay and Humboldt State have later deadlines of Feb 15 and Feb 28, respectively.

“I feel like there should be a deadline, and it should be set — there shouldn’t be an extension — I just feel like it’s not fair to those who submitted early but at the same time I believe that they should work on their technology,” said Das.

The application filing period varies based on the application type, but for high school seniors, most are filling out the Freshman Undergraduate application. For more information on specific priority deadlines, check out