Amador Japanese classes celebrate fall Bunkasai

Zaynah Shah and Soumya Rangan

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  • Emma Walker (’25), Eileen Kim (’25), Veronica Pascual (’25), and Amy Zeng (’22) prepare mochi a day prior to the festival.

  • Alan Deng (’24) moderates the event with the help of his pink masked microphone.

  • Origami, a traditional Japanese art of paper folding, was one of the many activities that were offered at this gathering.

  • Students gather around the lunch tables, trying traditional Japanese snacks.

  • Keira Lai (’24), Suah Oh,(’24), Joyce Kuang (’24), and Emi Ray (’25), huddle together while singing Japanese karaoke.

  • All the students of the Japanese class helped setup games, both with and without traditional elements such as paper lanterns.

  • One of the groups from Japanese class, initiate the festival with rhythmic clapping, a dance commonly expressed in this culture.